8 of the Absolute Best Burgers in Lahore 2022


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There was a time when the \’burger scene\’ in Lahore consists of a late-night trip to the adjacent KFC cafe or a McDonald\’s Big Mac. Those days are long gone, guys. We now have an excess of outstanding burgers, making it even more difficult to narrow down the very best burgers in Lahore. Prepare yourself for some of Lahore\’s most mouth-watering, food-coma-inducing burgers. Not only is the City of Gardens rich in history and culture, but it also has a fantastic cuisine scene. Lahoris never go hungry, with everything from desi eateries to roadside dhabas to high-end fine dining places. 

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Here are List of best burgers in Lahore

1 – Grand Beef, Jessie’s


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This one has a lot of buzz surrounding it. Jessie\’s has some very amazing burgers, and the Grand Beef is at the top of the list. This bad boy is not for the faint of heart, so be warned. The combination of a juicy beef patty, crisp turkey bacon, indulgent cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions is absolutely bliss in a bun. Graand JessieBeed is one of the best burgers in Lahore

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If you want to experience some of Lahore\’s top burger joints, you should go right to the Ministry of Burgers. They serve some of Pakistan\’s finest authentic gourmet burgers. Hunger Beef is one of the most popular dishes among the restaurant\’s customers. It\’s made with a thick beef patty, caramelize onions, fresh mushrooms, crisp lettuce, scorching jalapenos for a spicy kick, and plenty of cheddar cheese. The Hunger Beef includes turkey bacon, a succulent beef patty, creamy sauce, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top. Their loaded fries, including the Kamikaze and Jalapeno cheese fries, are a hit. They also serve their signature Burger Cheesecake, one of Lahore\’s most popular burgers, with premium melted cheese that will have you drooling for more.

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3 – Shroom and Swiss, Cannoli


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When Cannoli opened its doors, and this beef-loaded delight entered the menu, Lahore\’s burger scene exploded. Cannoli\’s most popular flavor is mushroom and Swiss, and we know why! It\’s a delectable kaleidoscope of flavor, with a flawlessly grille beef patty dripping with mushroom sauce and a sprinkling of posh Swiss cheese. It is one of the best burgers in Lahore

4  – Howdy


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Howdy is the best burgers in Lahore with a western feel. Their high-quality burgers are a gourmet\’s dream. They also sell grilled steaks and sandwiches, in addition to some of Lahore\’s greatest burgers. Rodeo Glory Beef Mushroom Burger, is one of their most popular burgers. Another delectable burger to try is the Tickle Pickle Jalapeno Burger, which features pickled jalapeno, a sauce, and plenty of cheese for that perfect mix.

5 – Hardees


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If you want grilled meat, Hardees is the place to go. They\’re known for their charbroiled burgers. No gourmand will ever be disappointed at Hardee\’s. You\’ll find everything from a large selection of American beef burgers to crispy chicken burgers. Tantalize your taste receptors and savor every morsel of that delectable meat.

6 – Burger King


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Burger King is the world\’s second-largest fast-food burger company, having founded in 1954. Their devotion to only the greatest ingredients, signature recipes and unforgettable dining experiences has distinguished them as the original \’Home of the Whopper.\’ Burger King\’s regular customers know what to expect from their burgers. King burger best burgers in Lahore, both their chicken and beef burgers are popular.

7 – Burger Hub


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Burger Hub\’s tempting selection of gourmet burgers is the talk of the town. You can choose from about 20 different beef and chicken burgers, as well as a big choice of creamy sauces and fresh salads. You can order online, have it delivered, or eat in. It is highly advise that you dine in and savor the taste in a comfortable setting to get the full experience. Two premium chicken patties, a substantial layer of cheese, sauce, and fresh vegetables make up their New Yorker Chicken Burger.

The Czar Chicken Burger is a crowd-pleaser. Burger Hub is unquestionably one of Lahore\’s best burger eateries. Two smoky, char-grille beef patties are sandwich between layers of cheese slices and vegetables. The Blue Dragon Reloaded is their newest addition. Three succulent beef patties are sandwiche between layers of mozzarella cheese, tomato, and onion slices, with their signature blue sauce flowing from the sides. It is a must-try for anyone who enjoys meat.

8 – Outpost BYOB


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Outpost Build Your Own Burger (BYOB) is a popular spot for young people in Lahore to eat burgers. You can go with your buddies to the restaurant and have a good time personalizing the burger to your liking. If you wish to experience their distinctive ready-to-eat gourmet burgers, place an order while relaxing in the outside seating area and taking in a wonderful atmosphere. BYOB is one of the best burgers in Lahore.


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