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Ramadan 2021- 10 Things That May Or May Not Break Your Fast
Ramadan 2021- 10 Things That May Or May Not Break Your Fast

Ramadan 2021- 10 Things That May Or May Not Break Your Fast 

Ramadan 2021 is around the corner. Muslims are planning for the favorable month with zeal and zest. Offering a chance to enhance their religiosity and strengthen their faith, Muslims fast all day long. Muslim holy month of Ramadan starts even among a global pandemic, most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims will recognize it in some form. Last year because of COVID-19 we face a lot of issues, full lockdown.

What Is Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. A holy month is estimated to honor the time when God, through the angel Gabriel, revealed the first verses of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, to a caravan trader named Muhammad.

When Is Ramadan 2021?  

This year, Ramadan is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 14, and end on May 14. The last evening of Ramadan is celebrated as Eid al-Fitr when the month-long fast ends.

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COVID 19 SOPc for ramadan

Covid-19 Pandemic has made many of the social aspects of Ramadan more difficult to do safely, given the need to maintain travel restrictions and social distance and avoid indoor gatherings. But Muslim community leaders are well aware of this and ensure that everyone is safe, with detailed guidance on how to prosper and fulfill Ramadan.

For any people who fast during Ramadan, doubts arise regarding certain situations and activities that could nullify their fast.

1 – Taking a Dip in a Swimming Pool or a Shower

Taking a Dip in a Swimming Pool or a Shower

If water enters your throat or nose during your month, swimming does not break your fast, which is thought to reach the stomach, causing it to stop.

2 – Tasting Food or Drink Water By Mistake 

Tasting Food or Drink Water By Mistake

Skaykh Ibn al-Uthaymin says that tasting the food does not break the fast while permitted to prepare the meal to taste food or drink water by mistake using the tongue’s tip while taking precaution in not swallowing anything.

3 – Brushing the Teeth 

Brushing the Teeth or Miswak

The toothpaste has no significant caloric value, so on that basis, it shouldn’t break your fast. During fasting, miswak is preferable rather than brush the teeth during fasting. However, fast will not break by using toothpaste and mouthwash. However, it is good to avoid using toothpaste or mouthwash as they may reach the throat, and the taste may linger.

* Health-related issues During fasting

4 – Donate Blood

Donate Blood

“There is some debate on this between various Muslims Scholars, but most agree that it doesn’t. The Hanabli school of thought believes it does.”

5 – Eye Drop

Eye Drop

In Ramadan 2021, eye drops are also used for completely medical purposes. So, It does not break the fast even if the taste of the medicine reaches the throat.

6 – Insulin injections for Diabetic people

Insulin injections for Diabetic people

Bood test for diagnosing the disease is often needed in a life-threatening situation. Fast does not break unless blood extraction equates to the same amount of blood extracted from cupping.

7 – Applying Makeup or perfumes

Applying Makeup or perfumes

“Lipstick is unpopular because in most cases it contains fruit flavors or other flavors, and when the tongue touches the lips, it can reach a woman’s taste buds and throat, as far as nail polish is concerned. By the way, it does not invalidate the fast, but it must be removed before the ablution because it does not allow the nails to get wet, and after that, the ablution is not considered valid. The use of cosmetics and perfume does not break the fast. Ramadan 2021 change because of COVID-19

8 – Intimacy Between Married Couples

Intimacy Between Married Couples

During Ramadan, sexual intercourse is forbidden, including kissing and hugging. Although they do not break the fast, it is only allowed if it does not arouse sexual feelings. Fasting does not break prostate fluid unless it results in ejaculation.

9 – Vomiting During Ramadan

Vomiting During Ramadan

There are 2 kinds of mouthful vomit; one is intentional vomiting, the other is unintentional vomiting. If mouthful vomit passes the neck by itself because of an illness, then it is commonly agreed that it does not invalidate the fast. However, if a person swallows it intentionally, the fast becomes invalid.

10 – Smoking During Fasting

Smoking During Fasting

Religious fast is much more about keeping away from various vices and incitements while controlling your various senses. Smoking while you’re fasting does break your fast, according to Shaykh Ibn Al-Uthmayin’s verdict. But if it is something where you want to harm yourself, please go ahead because smoking will expedite the process. In Ramadan 2021 it also effect on your health.

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