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Dry Fruits Price In Pakistan 2021
Dry Fruits Price In Pakistan 2021

Dry Fruits Price In Pakistan 2021 

With the advent of the winter season, the demand for dried fruits has surged throughout the city, resulting in a significant price increase over the previous year. Because there was no effective check and balance to manage prices by the district administration, dry-fruit shopkeepers in numerous markets throughout the city upped their prices. every one want know about dry fruits price in Pakistan

Dry fruit prices have risen to Rs 7,000 per kilogramme. Pistachios, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, dates, cashews, peanuts, and dried figs are all seeing price increases. The high increase is causing severe challenges for citizens. During Pakistan’s recent cold spell, demand for dried fruits has skyrocketed.

Because pistachios are low in calories and high in fibre and protein, they can help you lose weight. According to a new study has discovered that eating 53 grammes of pistachios per two meals increases the rate of weight loss. The researchers divided some men and women who had lost weight into two groups and experimented on them in this study.

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Benefits Of Dry Fruits

We all know that dry fruits are healthy and helpful for both children and teenagers; everyone requires dry fruits in their everyday lives but finding the best quality dry fruits can be difficult, especially in Pakistan.

Dry fruits can help the human body’s immunological system, which aids in the battle against various diseases. Some dry fruits are good for cancer prevention, and some nuts are good for weight loss. Dry fruits are beneficial to women and work as an anti-ageing treatment.

List of some of our famous dry fruits price in Pakistan

Kaghazi Almond   


Dry Figs  




Raw Cashews  


Roasted China 


Akhrot Giri  


Walnuts Giri     




Pista Irani 




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