Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan 2022 – Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women


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Rolex celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. After celebrating its golden jubilee in 2022, Rolex is likely to introduce some legendary timepieces. This article discusses the new rolex watches price in pakistan 2022 forecasts and summarises the classic 2021 Rolex pieces created by Rolex SA, a firm producing high-end watches since 1908. Rolex offers the best watches to invest in with its major Oyster Perpetual, Cellini, and Professional lines. Find out about the high-end Rolex watches for men and women and their pricing in Pakistan.

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Two-tone Submariner green-2022

Rolex is likely to release a two-tone green submariner to upgrade its legendary submariner watch. Rolex is known for its two-tone watches, and this green bezel submariner is set to turn heads with its new sophisticated style.

Oyster perpetual explorer II- 226570 (2021)


The explorer 2021 model, with its PVD black coating, is a great balance of Rolex characteristics. The matte sheen of the black liquor hands of hours, minutes, and seconds is exquisite. The 24-hour hand\’s orange colour symbolises an explorer watch\’s signature feature.


  • The watch\’s white face and black hands distinguish between day and night.
  • Bracelet with three flat links.
  • The oyster-steel model case is 42mm in diameter.
  • Sapphire is use to making the scratch-resistant, gleaming crystal.
  • The perpetual rotor is self-winding in both directions.
  • The most important feature is that the watch is water-resistant up to 100 metres.

Rolex Sky-Dweller-326934 (2021)

The Rolex Sky-Dweller 2021 features a black dial with white gold accents. The watch displays time in two distinct zones with its inverted little red triangle. The Rolex\’s outstanding feature that adds value is its chroma-light display that illuminates in the dark.


  • This white gold Rolex for men features a five-piece oyster-steel band.
  • White gold and oyster-steel combine to make the white roles.
  • The model\’s case is a monobloc with a diameter of 42mm.
  • The ridged rotatable bezel can rotated both ways.
  • The crystal is scratch-resistant sapphire and has a cyclops lens that magnifies the date.
  • Sky-Dweller is water-resistant and self-winding in both directions.

Sky dweller 2022

The dials and bracelets for the Sky-Dweller 2022 model are expecte to updated. Two-tone oyster bracelets adorn previous editions of the 2021 collection. The Rolex sky dweller watch\’s redesigned construction will undoubtedly include new colour combinations, bracelets, and dials.

In 2022, the sky dweller 326934 models 2021 is expecte to modified and furnished with a jubilee bracelet.

Rolex GMT Master 2022

Rolex\’s prior GMT Master II model is a costly and one-of-a-kind timepiece. Rolex is expecte to release a new GMT master model, possibly labelled with \”coke\” or some other tag. It is believe that this new edition of GMT master would have a long waiting list of buyers.

Rolex Oyster perpetual explorer-124273 (2021)


The eternal oyster explorer was upgrad in 2021 with a chroma-light display, and a case size decreased to 36 mm in honour of the original oyster explorer model from 1953. The gold and oyster steel combo on the 2021 model is fantastic. It has a black dial with index hour markers and 3, 6, and 9 numerals made of a special substance that glows in the sunlight. Rolex watches are known for their superb combination.


  • Perpetual, self-winding, and mechanical movements are include in the watch.
  • The oyster steel and gold model case is 36mm in diameter.
  • The timeless beauty of the smooth bezel comes through.
  • The sapphire crystal provides scratch resistance.
  • The oyster steel bracelet is made up of three flat parts.
  • For further security, there is a folding oyster lock clasp.
  • This Rolex product bears the symbolic distinction of being water-resistant (100 metres).

Best Rolex Watches for Women

Rolex cosmograph Daytona 2022


The 2022 Daytona model is expected to be a game changer. Rolex watches are set to get a new feature in the form of the everose Rolesor. Daytona watches will have a new design thanks to the blend of gold and Rolex\’s unique oyster steel, instead of their prior iterations, which were all gold or had leather straps.

Lady-Datejust-2021 Model-279138RBR


The Rolex Lady Date-Just is one of the most prestigious and expensive watches for women. Their classic dazzling construction, encrusted with diamonds, makes them one-of-a-kind. However, it is predicte that Rolex would issue an improved model of the lady date-just to commemorate the company\’s golden jubilee.

Rolex is expect to give the watch a new look by changing the bezel colour, typical of new Rolex models. The ladies\’ two-tone date-just gemstone watch would undoubtedly attract attention.


  • The dial is adorne with pave diamonds set in yellow gold (18 ct).
  • The model case is 28mm in diameter.
  • 44 delicately cut diamonds adorn the bezel.
  • The ideal gold president bracelet is symmetrical to the point of perfection.
  • A 100-meter water-resistant mechanism protects the watch.
  • Scratch resistance has added to the sapphire crystal.
  • To expand the date, a cyclops lens was fitte.

Day-Date 36-2021 model-128345RBR

The Day-Date 36, adorned with diamonds and Everose gold, is an exceptional Rolex watch that continues the Day-Date tradition. The Eisenkiesel dial and aperture are feature on the Rolex skeleton, revealing the entire spellings of the day.


  • The model case is adorne with diamonds, and the unique dial is made of Everose gold (18 ct).
  • The oyster model casing has a diameter of 36 mm.
  • Three-piece Evergold links make up the president bracelet.
  • A scratch-resistant sapphire lens and a cyclops lens are also include.
  • The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 330 metres.
  • Its shock absorbers improve its performance efficiency.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona-116505 (2021)

The rose gold Cosmograph Daytona watch is a symbolic Rolex piece. The fascinating features of the watch are the engraved tachymeter 18 ct gold and the oyster rose gold, both of which provide high-performance and exquisite chemistry of function and form.

  • The case is 40mm in diameter and is constructe of rose gold and oyster steel.
  • Tachymeter bezel in 18 ct rose gold.
  • calibres 4130
  • Water resistance of 330 feet.
  • Sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant.
  • In the bracelet, there are three pieces of oyster links.
  • Self-winding in both directions.
  • A 72-hour power backup is available.

Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan

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The article summarises the top Rolex automatic watches for men and women in the 2021 and 2022 models and their thorough Rolex skeletons and distinguishing features. The information in this post will assist you in purchasing the most valuable Rolex watches available. Rolex\’s outstanding manufacture and careful design have resulted in some ideal items. Find your favourite watch, as well as Rolex pricing in Pakistan in 2022.

Prepare for some of the best and most distinctive rolex watches price in pakistan to arrive in 2022, complete with embolic Rolex elements commemorating and celebrating Rolex\’s spectacular golden jubilee.

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