Zain Mughal

Zain Mughal is a rising star in Pakistan’s television industry. He is a young aspiring television actor who began his career in 2018 with a local theatre production in Lahore. Zain Mughal’s family plays an important role in his acting career, as they fully support and love him. He is a gifted artist who is dedicated to his craft. The Pakistani television industry is very welcoming to new talent. Zain Mughal has a soft-hearted personality and a beautiful, attractive face. Recently he start new Flopflix Digital Platform.

Biography of Zain Mughal

Zain Mughal

Zain Mughal is a young and stylish actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry. In 2018, he began his acting career in Lahore with a local theatre production. He was able to work on several TV shows due to his talent and confidence. He is not only an actor but also a guitarist, thanks to his incredible talent. Zain, a gifted young man, also wishes to take his career in a new direction. Throughout his new journey, his family has been supportive and loving. In his brief career, he has worked on various projects and demonstrated his exceptional acting abilities. He began his career on 92 News’ ’Haqeqat series Tv show.’ He is best known for his role in Kashif Nisar’s Hum Tv show ”Jeevan Nagar.”


On April 6, 2002, he was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and is 19 years old. Zain Mughal is a rising star in the industry.


Zain was a bright student who completed his inter at MAO College. He then graduated from the University of Lahore with a degree in television and film. As a result, acting and directing are both a hobby and a profession.


He has not yet married and is still single. He focuses solely on his acting career at the age of 19.


Zain Mughal is best known for his role in the Hum Tv drama Jeevan Nagar. He honed his acting skills with the incredibly talented Sohail Ahmed in this drama.

List of Zain Mughal Dramas

  • Isa re Muhabbat (Ptv)
  • Haqeqat Series (92 News)
  • Crime Control ( 24 News)
  • Sandy Mandy Season 3 (LTN)
  • Dil Na Umeed to Nai (Tv One)
  • Dal Chawal (Film)
  • Ghareeb ka Bacha (Theater)


Daal Chawal Film

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As Pakistanis, we must support young talent and the Pakistani showbiz industry. Zain Mughal is a young Pakistani talent.