18 Life Skills Everyone Should Learn

18 Life Skills Everyone Should Learn

Skill is an improved ability to do something fine. It is not the raw ability but the expertise that one develops over time. These days, you can outsource almost any job, but you need to know how to do yourself. Now you can explore how to perform life\’s important skills. Everyone should learn new skills. Most of the life skills mentioned below can\’t be acquired in just one day or a week. You need to start working on them right now.

1 – Engaging Someone in a Conversation


The first life skills that everyone should learn is engaging someone in a conversation. How do you talk to someone you don’t know? Engaging someone in a conversation and taking it forward is one of the essential skills that you will learn in your life. No school or college can teach this skill. If you can talk to someone, then your life is all set. You can find any job you like.

2 – Listening is More Important than Speaking


Listening skills are more important than speaking. Someone said it takes more courage to sit and listen than to stand and speak. So if you have listening skills, then you will have a developed personality. A well-developed personality can do wonders for you, especially if you want to build a career. For having good listening skills, you need to have patience, and it starts from your home. So, learn how to listen. New skills help to improve personality.

3 – Art of Convincing Someone


If you can engage someone in a conversation and listen to him, then you have learned to convince others. You must know how you can convince someone you are talking to. The guy you are talking to is a random guy who has never met him before, but you must be able to persuade him in the very first conversation you are having. You will learn the importance of these life skills when you will appear for interviews.

4 – How to Handle Criticism


It is one of the most important skills that you are going to learn in your life. If you want to excel in your life, then you need to learn to Handle Criticism. You can’t evolve if you don’t learn from Criticism. If you can’t take criticism in your stride, you can’t achieve something big in your life. It would be best if you learned how to take criticism positively and amend mistakes so that you grow even saner. Learn new skills to help in polish your personality.

5 – Anger Management


Anger is very bad. Your temperament must be positive if you want to be anything in your life. You need to learn life skills on how to control your anger. If you can control your anger, you not only excel in your career but also your personal life. Unfortunately, no one teaches it in schools so you have to learn by yourself because in-home also you can’t find any help in this department.

6 – Controlling All Emotions


You have learned to control your emotions if you learn all the five life, as mentioned earlier skills. If you can control hate, fear, greed, anger, lust, etc., you have achieved nirvana. No one will tell you how to control your emotions. No college or even your parents can teach about controlling your emotions. You will be happier for the rest of your life.

7 – Making Money from Money


Now we shall talk about some real things. You have to learn how to make money from money very early on in your life. Making money from money means how you invest your money rightly, so you get the best out of your investment. You have to deal with debt related issues very early, and later on, when you retire, you must be left with some money. So, you have to learn how to save money and how to invest so that it grows faster as you grow older. Saving is also an amazing new skills that only a few people can do.

8 – Buying More Stuff For Less Money


We buy stuff daily, like our clothes, grocery, and other accessories. And we don’t know how to spend money wisely. You need to know how you can save money daily. You are wasting your money if you don’t know how to save it. You need to use coupons, buy on holidays or festival seasons, etc. Look out for bulk deals where you can save money. Saving money is an important skill that you are going to learn in your life skills.

9 – Using Google Efficiently


It is very technical. But it is not that difficult. Now the internet has become a reality. So it would be best if you learned how to use Google. If you want to search for anything, want to do some research or find out anything, then you must know how to use Google. You can’t become an expert on Google, but you must have basic knowledge about the search engine. It would be best if you learned some very basic tricks. You can learn new skills through google.

10 – Learning As Many As Languages


It would be best if you learned as many languages in your life. It is always good to know other languages. You can talk to a guy in a language he speaks; then, you have a great future ahead of you. You find jobs easily where multilingual candidates are required. Learning different languages also helps you to know about other cultures around the world. You can become an interpolator or a translator. Learn new skills helps to get success in life.

11 – Computer Basics & MS Office


Another life skills that you must know is MS Office and the basics of computers. If you know MS office, then that is enough. You need to understand how to work with MS Word and MS Excel. Excel is more critical than Word. You need to learn Excel not just for getting a job but also to do our daily chores. If you know Excel, then you can solve many problems.

12 – English and Basic Math

Both English and Maths are important, especially math. You must develop your new skills when it comes to speaking in English and learning basic Math. Without good communication in English, you can’t enter the workforce. On the other hand, Math is great for creating a level playing field. Even if you are poor, then also you can aim high if you are good at Math. So learn both skills.

13 – How to Cook Almost Everything


Cooking is also a great skill to acquire. Could you believe it? Yes, if you have a passion for cooking, then your hobby could be turned into a profession. You could be a great chef or even start your restaurant. But apart from a job you have to learn these life skills, so you don’t have to eat food from a hotel.

14 – Driving a Four Wheeler


Riding a bike or driving a four-wheeler is not difficult, but you must know because it will make your life a lot easier. Many people don’t know how to drive a four-wheeler, and some don’t know even how to ride a bike. So driving skill is another important life skills that you are going to learn in your life. 

15 – Making Friends Wisely and Ability to say NO


Everyone must need to learn how to make friends that are honest and can help you when you are in need. You also need to learn to say NO to those friends that are just mooching you off. You have to spot the difference and make a wise decision. These life skills help in your life.

16 – Self Defense for Ladies


It is for ladies. You got to learn how to defend yourself. Just carrying pepper spray in your bag is not enough. You need to learn martial arts and even know how to shoot. Even men can learn. New skills help to make life essays and comfortable.

 17 – Basic First Aid


Do you know what to do if someone has a deep cut or a broken bone? Do you know the signs of a heart attack, a stroke, or a concussion? As moms, we often have to be many things, but when we have to bring out the doctor’s bag, it can be our most critical role. Pick up a basic first aid book if you feel like your skills are rusty. It’s common to panic in emergencies, but if you’re well versed in first aid, you’ll be able to rely on your instincts and knowledge, and you’ll come to the rescue with a cooler head. You should learn these new skills.

18 – Public Speaking


Learning to speak with ease in front of a crowd. There is so much to public speaking that it’s no surprise it’s a new skills that makes almost everyone nervous just to think about. It is, in some ways, the epitome of mastery of a language.
It also tackles a bunch of fear most of us have like fear of failure or crowds.


I hope that this helps you learn new skills that are proven to be popular. You can make a career out of most of these skills, but they are also useful in other areas, and they can be a lot of fun with the right mindset. What’s important to note is that skill learning doesn’t have to be slow. It can be really fun, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in only 15–20 hours of deliberate practice!



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