Adeel Afzal

Adeel Afzal

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Adeel Afzal is a multi-talented Pakistani actor best known for his supporting role in Parziaad, a critically acclaimed Pakistani Drama. In his second or third project, he showed off his exceptional acting abilities. His chemistry with Ahmad Ali Akbar, the Parizaad male lead, was lauded. Even though his story was cut short, his character had a lasting impression on everyone who saw it.

Adeel previously worked as a digital content creator for Mangobaz, one of the social media pages. For the remainder of his time at the military base, he decided to try his hand at acting. He also has podcasts, which are a lot of fun to listen to. Despite putting in a lot of effort, few people are aware of his accomplishments. To remedy this, we\’ve put together this guide to tell the story of his rise to fame.

A Brief Biography of Adeel Afzal

As a digital content creator for Mangobaz, Adeel is a fresh-faced young man with a lot of potentials. His podcasts are also available on YouTube. He is currently working as an actor and wowing audiences everywhere he goes. He has an incredible on-screen presence. With a supporting role in the television series Parizaad, he quickly gained millions of fans. Also, he worked on the socially conscious Pakistani film Zindagi tamasha.

With him, you can be sure that audiences will get exactly what they want. He prioritises quality over quantity in his project selections. A long way to go, but we\’d like to see Adeel in a variety of different storylines in the future.

Date of Birth

This talented star was born in Karachi and is still living there with his family.


Initial Career

He began his career as a digital content creator at Mangobaaz. For a few years, he worked with the website. When they parted ways, he began posting videos on social media.

As a Podcaster

In addition to being an excellent podcaster, Adeel\’s videos are stunning. He frequently appears on podcasts to discuss Pakistan and the government of Pakistan. Known as \’Bayan Bazu,\’ he produces a variety of videos that address various social issues that concern the world today. In jest, the video he made, titled \”Why we don\’t need Aurat march,\” quickly went viral on social media.

Even though Adeel Afzal is an actor and a great writer, content creator, and director, there are very few people who can do it all. Yes, that\’s correct. Because he does everything so perfectly, he\’s stealing the hearts of millions.

Initially, he made a name for himself as a digital content creator at Mangobaz. He worked there for a long period, but he eventually left and entered the industry. Podcasts and speeches on current events are also part of his repertoire.

Social media buzzed about his video on why the Aurat March is unnecessary. He doesn\’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on difficult subjects in his videos, and he does so with grace. A true content creator, he has a unique perspective on the world.

As An Actor

He is a talented Pakistani actor who has a wide range of roles to choose from. Previous roles include \”Aakhri Station,\” where he co-starred with Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and others. Sarmad Khoosat, the show\’s legendary director, helmed the project.

The director of that film, Sarmad, was also the producer of a Pakistani film called \”Zindagi Tamasha.\” His impeccable acting skills can be seen on screen right now in the television drama \”Parizaad,\” where he appears alongside Ahmad Ali Akbar.


So far, his acting career has been a success. He began this journey with the drama Aakhri Station, in which he starred alongside some of Pakistan\’s best-known actors, including Sanam Saeed. Later, he appeared in the blockbuster drama Parizaad with Ahmad Ali Akbar and won millions of hearts in 2021, following that serial.

Zindagi Tamasha, which he also directed, is based on a sensitive topic. Although the film was never released in theatres, the director and other team members did not give up hope.

List of Dramas

  • Aakhri Station
  • Parizaad

List of Movies

  • Zindagi Tamasha

The way he is progressing in the industry, we are hoping to see more of his dramas in the future.

Social Media

His social media account include

Instagram: kasae.darvaish

Facbook : kasae.darvaish


Adeel Afzal


Actor, Content Creator and Podcaster

First Drama

Aakhri Station

First Movie

Zindagi Tamasha

Notable Work


Lives In


Relationship Status




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