Alia Bhatt Falls Prey to Deepfake Video Scandal

Alia Bhatt Falls Prey to Deepfake Video Scandal
Alia Bhatt Falls Prey to Deepfake Video Scandal

Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video Scandal: An altered video of Alia Bhatt is circulating on social media amid the latest round of deepfake scandals following Rashmika Mandanna and Katrina Kaif.
The video, which features Alia’s face expertly photoshopped onto a girl wearing a blue flowery co-ord set, has sparked debates on the moral implications of artificial intelligence.

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To put it simply, deepfake is the term for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to replace or superimpose real-world face features and other visual aspects to produce incredibly convincing fake content, frequently in the form of movies or photos.

Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video Scandal

The video highlights the need for caution in the digital sphere by superimposing Bhatt’s face over another woman, raising concerns about possible technological exploitation.

These incidents highlight the need for more awareness and investigation of deepfake content, particularly in light of the previously viral Rashmika Mandanna clip.

Regarding her career, Bhatt is presently filming “Jigra,” an action film helmed by Vasan Bala and co-produced by Karan Johar and herself.

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