Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest and Best Apple Worth Buying

Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan

Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023: As the manufacturer claims, Apple AirPods are cordless, easy to use, and amazing. Apple released their wireless earphones, along with a slew of other high-end items, altering the market. These earphones are known as Airpods, loaded with cutting-edge features and approaches. Apple has two models of AirPods on the market. The price of Apple Airpods in Pakistan is reasonable, and they are readily available.

AirPods come in various configurations, each with its own set of features and pricing. In Pakistan, the Apple AirPods pricing is commensurate with its high-end features. In 2016, Apple released its first AirPods, the Apple AirPods gen. The second edition, which includes the 2nd generation AirPods and Apple AirPods pro, was release in 2019.

The price of Airpods in Pakistan varies depending on the design, features, and techniques used.

Apple AirPods 2

The H1 headphone chip in the 2nd version of Apple AirPods provides a faster, more consistent connection and efficient performance. While switching between active devices, the AirPods give 2X quicker performance.

The Apple AirPods 2 connect to phone calls 1.5 times faster than the original AirPods. Siri, the voice-activated assistant, is your right hand when utilizing Apple goods. All you have to do is say \’Hey Siri,\’ and it will start assisting you. Several \’Announce notifications\’ have already installed, which allow Siri to assist you by reading important alerts from apps such as messages, phone calls, reminders, and so on.

It also allows you to specify which notifications you want to receive. By activating voice-enabled Siri, the H1 chip installed reduces access and delivery of gaming latency by 30%. Now you can experience high-quality sound while listening to music, watching movies, watching videos, playing games, or listening to podcasts.

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Sensors positioned

Sensors positioned in the room can tell when you\’re listening and when you\’re speaking. The motion accelerometer and optical sensors automatically regulate the audio and microphone to listen to calls and play music.

When the user speaks, the speech detecting sensors notice it. It filters background noise in conjunction with beamforming microphones.

In Apple AirPods 2, a Qi-certified charging mat has added to charge the AirPods. Place the AirPods on the mat, and that\’s it. When you\’re not using the Qi mat, the lightning port can utilized to charge your phone. The 24-hour battery life also remedied the problem.

You can share your audio streams with independent volume controls using the audio sharing option. You may even have your AirPods case engraved with your choice of emoji, numerals, or words. All of these qualities justify the Apple AirPod\’s price in Pakistan.


The specs of the Apple AirPods 2 are given below.

 Apple AirPods 3rd generation

The Apple AirPods 3rd generation has been remastered stunningly. It has spatial audio and adaptive EQ and dynamic head tracking for a 3D listening experience. The 3rd generation AirPods have the unique feature of removing sweat and sprinkles.


When the user is on the phone, the AirPods have inset microphones covered in an acoustic mesh to reduce wind noise. During facetime, the AAC-ELD speech codec produces HD-quality voice.


Optical sensors and motion accelerometers are built into the AirPods to detect usage. Simply pressing on the force sensors provides excellent pinch control. When the AirPods are in your ears, the skin detectors detect them.


The noise-canceling sensors were place to eliminate background noise. To focus on the user\’s voice, a beamforming microphone was fitted. The H1 chip extends the battery life because of its ultra-low power consumption.


The 3rd generation air pods\’ specifications are list below. In Pakistan, the 3rd generation Apple AirPods are reasonably price.






Speech-detecting accelerometer Dual beamforming microphones Motion-detecting accelerometer Dual optical sensors


1.59” height 0.65” width 071” depth


4 grams


Bluetooth v 5.0

Apple AirPods 3rd generation

Apple has redesigned the specifics of AirPods to provide in-ear AirPods that are more comfortable. These customized AirPods provide superior active noise cancellation, allowing the user to focus on the music rather than the AirPods. However, It has a Transparency mode that allows you to listen to what is going on around you.


You can select the size of silicon tips that best fits you before purchasing AirPods. The AirPods are meant to fit the contour of your ear, ensuring that they stay in place. However. The vents balance the pressure in your ears, making you feel as if nothing is there.


The Apple AirPods pro is the only earbuds with outward-facing and inward-facing microphones that provide active noise canceling. The outward face microphone detects external sound and counters it with equivalent anti-noise to cancel out background sounds and noise.


The anti-noise cancellation mechanism on the inward-facing microphone also cuts out the excess noise inside your ear. Noise cancellation occurs 200 times every second, allowing you to become completely immersed in your music.


By pressing and holding the sensor on the stem, users can change the mood to transparency. It gives you a sense of awareness of your surroundings. Furthermore, the adaptive EQ feature adjusts the sound to your ear\’s shape.


The spatial audio feature, along with dynamic head tracking, makes your movies feel like they\’re being watched in a theatre. In Pakistan, the Apple AirPods Pro costs more than the previous models.


The specs of the AirPods pro are give in the table below.



High dynamic range amplifier High excursion driver Spatial audio Adaptive EQ Dynamic head tracking


Dual optical sensors Dual beamforming microphones Speech-detecting and motion-detecting accelerometer Inward-facing microphone Skin detecting and force sensor


Bluetooth with AirPods Lightning connector in Charging Case

Dimensions of Air Pods

1.21/0.72/0.76 inches

Dimensions of case

1.83/2.14/0.84 inches

Weight of Air Pods

4.28 grams

Apple AirPods Max

The Apple AirPods max is an over-ear headphone with a custom fit. This AirPod max creates an acoustic bubble around your head, allowing you to get completely immersed in your music or movies. A breathable knit mesh canopy surrounds the head, distributing weight and decreasing pressure.


The telescopic arms stay where the user sets them for a consistent seal. Its anodized aluminum cups have transformed the technique by rotating independently and balancing the pressure. The cups are made of a mesh cloth that is comfortable to the touch.


With its industry-leading active noise cancellation, the high-fidelity audio delivers an unrivaled listening experience, as promised by the business. 6 outward-facing microphones and 2 inward-facing microphones cancel out external noise for the anti-noise effect.


The beamforming microphones focus on your speech and transmit a clear sound even in windy situations. Apple\’s dynamic driver in the AirPod max is designe to create a wide range of frequencies, presenting rich sound nuances.

AirPod cup

Each AirPod cup contains a strong H1 chipset, combined with smart software and acoustic features to provide optimal efficiency. It makes use of computational audio to provide a completely new listening experience.


When you tap the chip, the audio cores blank out any outside sounds, making you feel as if you\’re there. The AirPods max also has an active noise suppression feature and a transparency mode that you can switch between.


The adaptive EQ improves audio quality by measuring what the user hears and adjusting the frequencies accordingly. It provides a steady and rich audio experience. The spatial audio function is combinedwith dynamic head tracking to create a cinematic experience.


The built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers in the Apple AirPods Max track the motion of your head while transmitting sound to the iPhone. It creates a three-dimensional hearing experience.


Furthermore, when a user removes the AirPods, the music is immediately pause and resumed when the user puts them back on. Siri also reminds you of your notifications. You can use Siri to get directions, check the weather, make a phone call, send a text, play music, and more.


The specs of Apple AirPods max are described below.

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Apple AirPods Price in Pakistan

TThe Apple AirPods price in Pakistan is different for its different models. Their advanced features make them worth buying for a quality experience, sound quality, and user comfort. However, The table given below mentions the Apple AirPods price in Pakistan.

Apple AirPods


Apple AirPods 2

PKR 22,666

Apple AirPods 3

PKR 31,451

Apple AirPods pro

PKR 43,751

Apple AirPods max

PKR 96,463

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