Audio Leaks Hacker – Most Loveable Person In Pakistan

Audio Leaks Hacker – Most Loveable Person In Pakistan

Audio Leaks Hacker: According to the article, it all began a few days ago when audio leaks from the Pakistani PM\’s office were posted online via the dark web and included Shehbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, and other people.

Social media was ablaze with audio leaks, and as usual, internet users were enthralled.

More audio leaks of PM Shehbaz others will surface online on Sept 30 

A user tweeted:

“Hacker brother, take care of yourself, if you need an easy load or a package, let me know and don’t leave the house”

Another one said:

Some appeared to be in deep love with the Hacker,

Users were noted for saluting hacker as well:

Some people did not appreciate the act for obvious reasons, but they also evaluated the hacker\’s morals toward Pakistan:

\”Recording someone\’s private is not a healthy habit, Hacker Bhai, but at least he #Hacker has the morals to refuse to take tax payers\’ money,\” he said.
Is it real? Thank you for that case!


Another one pray for Hacker “All of Pakistan salutes that #Hacker & prays that Allah gives him more ability & knowledge, Ameen”

Even today, Imran Khan Former PM audio got leaked as well.

“An audio leak allegedly of former premier Imran Khan and his principal secretary at the time, Azam Khan, surfaced on Wednesday in which the two were discussing the diplomatic cypher” – Tribune.

Internet users reacted to that as well:

One said “Best thing about Imran Khan’s audio leak is that he isnt talking about importing machinery for his relative’s plant :)”

Rana Sanaullah claims to have seen leaked videos of Imran Khan

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