Sohan Halwa – Types and best sohan halwa in pakistan with Price

Sohan Halwa – Types and best sohan halwa in pakistan with Price

Sohan halwa, a traditional Mughlai dessert, is still important today. The delicious dish is prepare with desi ghee and distributed throughout the nation and beyond. This traditional South Asian dessert is create with pure desi ghee and enhanced with dry fruits and a sweet flavor. The best sohan halwa in pakistan is serve in Multan, which has a strong reputation for making sohan halwa multani. The greatest Sohan halwa is available in numerous Old Delhi, KPK, and Punjab stores.

The method for producing halwa

Sugar, water, cornflour, and milk are combine and heated until they form a thick halwa to make Sohan halwa. Saffron is added to create a more flavorful dish. Its signature ingredient is unadulterated ghee. These days, some producers also include dry fruits like pistachios, cardamom seeds, or almonds.

Origin of Sohan Halwa

The sweet dish is Persian in origin. The name is also a product of Persian writing. Iranian dessert known as Sohan-e-Qom is the same as Sohan Halwa. Old tales claim that a Hindu confectioner named \”Sohan\” purchased milk that had gone bad. He experimented with the rancid milk by heating it until it thickened rather than throwing it out. They continued to cook it after adding wheat flour until it reached a halva-like density.

He offered the dessert to other locals so they could sample it. The halva was well received and quickly gaine notoriety in the region. Its fame quickly spread to the court of Deewan Sawan Mal, which increased it. The sweet was soon referre to as \”Sohan halva.\”

Jatta Daal Wala Mazang Lahore

Sohan halwa was once a crucial component of social occasions. In an old ghantewala store in old Delhi, Sohan halwa was create for the first time under the rule of Shah Alam. It gained notoriety as an attraction but later shut down.

Pakistan\’s top Sohan Halwa

The following is a description of the currently well-known Sohan halwa.

Hafiz Sohan halwa

The well-known Hafiz Sohan halwa is renowne throughout the entire nation. The Hafiz family has provided Sohan halwa for 91 years in Multan. On their website, you may now order the halwa online. Numerous nuts, including almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews, have a delicious crunch and mouthfeel that will win you over. Currently, Hafiz Sohan halwa is available everywhere in the nation. They are renowne for their superior quality and distinctive flavor.

Look at their Badami Sohan halwa, which costs 1000 Rs (1kg). Akhroti Sohan Halwa costs 1200 Rs. and is cook with a lot of walnuts to enhance its flavor (1kg). For Rs 1900, their specialty mix, Sohan halwa, is prepar with all dry fruits in desi ghee (1kg). The greatest taste of pistachios is offer in a mouthful of halwa by the pistachio Sohan halwa, which costs Rs 1600 per kg.

According to the traditional recipe, the safari Sohan halwa is create with two thick layers of pistachio and almond. Isfahan-sourced saffron blend adds a distinctive, delectable flavor. It is offer for 1400 Rs (1kg).

Multani Sohan halwa

Sohan halwa is a delicacy popular in Multan. If you go to Multan, you must sample the delectable halwa sale in numerous stores.

All urban regions now receive this delectable dish from Multani Sohan Halwa. Try some of their many tastes and varieties. They offer single or double akhroti options for their Sohan halwa. Must sample their Pista halwa and Badami halwa. On request, some unique forms can also be produce. They provide services to both individuals and organizations. Among the wide range of options, their premium halwa stands out. The following are a few of these choices you really must attempt.

Akhroti Sohan HalwaRs 1300 / kg
Badami Sohan HalwaRs 1200 / kg
Pista Sohan HalwaRs 1500 / kg
Kajo Sohan HalwaRs 1500 / kg
Zaafraani Sohan HalwaRs 1500 / kg
Sada Multani sohan halwaRS 1000 / kg

On demand, special Sohan Halwa can be produce. Customers have a variety of alternatives, including pista, zafran, kajo, Giri, and others.

Aljannat Sohan halwa

Aljannat, established in 1984, is well know for its desi ghee sweets, especially Sohan halwa. One of the largest suppliers of Sohan halwa is Aljannat.

Their Sohan halwa (mixed dry fruit) is prepare with the ideal sugar and pure desi ghee ratio. The distinctive components of halwa include the great flavours of farm milk, wheat flour, dry fruits, and saffron. It simply costs Rs 1600 per kg.

Additionally, pure ghee, almonds, milk, and wheat flour make the akhroti Sohan halwa, which can purchase for as little as Rs 1300/kg.

Rewari Sohan halwa

The only shop in best sohan halwa in pakistan that offers international shipping is Rewari Sohan Halwa. They are well recognize for their flavorful halwa. Each bite has a handful of pistachio and walnuts for a flavor you\’ll remember. Fresh milk and just the right amount of almonds provide a deliciously sweet flavour. It is offere for between 1200 and 1500 Rupees.

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