Umrah Packages in Pakistan – Visa, Tickets, Hotels | Total Cost Rough Idea

Umrah Packages in Pakistan

For any Muslim, the opportunity to embark on Umrah is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. On the other hand, people are concerned about going on this vacation. What if they don\’t feel anything after they arrive? What if Muslims journeyed to the other side of the world to feel empty and disconnected at such a sacred location? Here  are the Best Umrah Packages in Pakistan

This is one issue that Muslims have observed around the globe that is truly remarkable and unique. We want to see more the more we see. You can\’t take your eyes off. It\’s impossible to convey how amazing it is to be standing in front of the Kaaba. It\’s magnificent, and I hope that every Muslim has the opportunity to see it and pray here at least once in their lives.

The cost of Umrah begins with the Visa form of payment. According to the new Saudi rule, anyone performing Umrah for the second time must pay a visa fee of 2000 Saudi Riyal, plus 400 Saudi Riyal for the endorsement

The following are some basic details about each item that will be used to compute the overall Umrah expenses from Pakistan.

Qatar World Cup: Saudi Arabia Offers Free Umrah Visa For Ticket Holders


Traveling overseas necessitates the use of a passport. If you do not have a passport, you must appear in the Passport Office with your national ID card, and the following are the passport office fees as of today.

  • They\’ll require 2-3 weeks for a regular passport.

1 week is required for a standard passport.

Biometric Fee

Please visit the Etimad website after receiving your passport and make an appointment to visit the nearest Etimad office for Biometrics.

With an online appointment, the estimated fee is Rs. 1,001.
Without an online appointment, the Etimad FEE is Rs. 1,401.

Visa Processing

After receiving your passport and biometric report, you must visit a reputable travel agency near your area. When you visit them, they will offer you a variety of packages, both with and without tickets. You can choose one for yourself or your family and then submit the appropriate documents to begin the visa application process.

  • Original Passport(s)
  • National ID Card (original or photocopy)
  • Biometric report of Etimad
  • 3 pictures of passport size with blue/white background

Depending on the following factors, visa processing typically costs between 8,500 and 13,000 Pakistani rupees.

  • When you submitted your application (in Ramzan, it is normally high as compared to normal days)
    Saudi Rial to Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate
  • Total Umrah Expenses from Pakistan
  • This is the most expensive head of your Pakistani Umrah. It is usually founded on the following factors.
  • The distance between the hotel and the Haram in Makkah and Madina. The further you are from Haram, the less expensive your lodging will be.
  • You want to live in sacred cities these days.

You can pick from the following types of accommodations

  • Sharing – normally 5-7 people share a room with one bed each
  • Quad – 4 people will share the room
  • Triple – 3 people will share the room
  • Double – 2 people will share the room

When you are about to leave for Umrah, hotels are typically more expensive in the months of Rabi ul Awal and Ramadan.
The price of an airline ticket is also affected by the departure date. It is usually at its highest during Muharam, Rabi Ul Awal, and Ramadan.

If you\’re staying in an economy-class hotel, it may cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the days you choose to travel and the hotel you choose. And if you have a Star/VIP plan, it might cost you anywhere between 25,000 and 75,000 dollars. These are estimated pricing that may fluctuate depending on your chosen options, as described above.

Air ticket may cost you from PKR 45,000-90,000 based on

  • Your date of travel
  • Departure city
  • As well as the airline you will choose

Here is the list of least expensive to most expensive airlines

  • Indirect Flights – Oman Air, Kuwait Air, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai etc. will cost you less but they will not take you direct to holy land.
  • Direct Flights – It normally divided into 2
    • PIA/AirBlue/Shaheen/Flynas
    • Saudi Airline(SV) – this is most expensive airline for Umrah but providing quality service.

Hajj to Cost this Year Around Rs.7 Lack to Rs. 1 Million 


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