10 Stores Selling the BEST Wallets for Men in Pakistan

10 Stores Selling the BEST Wallets for Men in Pakistan

Looking in Pakistan for some wallets that aren\’t conventional? The article you choose is the appropriate one. Aren\’t we all sick of using the same old conventional wallets? In Pakistan, the phrase \”fashion\” is exclusively connected with women; therefore, men unfortunately never receive the necessary attention or changes to their wallets. However, some companies are making an effort to focus on the styles and construction of men\’s wallets as well. After thorough internet research, we\’ve compiled a list of Pakistan\’s top online Wallets for Men shop.

Online Wallet Stores in Pakistan

Without further ado, let\’s explore the list of the best shops in Pakistan that offer wallets for both men and women:

  • Borjan
  • Oxen Hide
  • HUB
  • Jaffer Jees
  • Black Bird Leather
  • Jild Craft
  • Vintage Street
  • Mango
  • Dreams Pakistan
  • Arzaan.Pk


Despite being a well-known shoe company, few people know Borjan also sells wallets. Their wallets have excellent quality and are quite stylish and graceful. Wallets are quite reasonably priced, and the designs are appealing.

Price range: 1000-2000 Pakistani Rupees

Oxen Hide

Genuine leather wallets of excellent quality are available at Oxen Hide and are also quite reasonably priced. The designs are quite distinctive and a little different from how a typical wallet appears. Their wallets are distinctive due to the diverse leather prints they use. Their wallets come in various colours, including Black, Blue, Maroon, and Brown.

Price: 2000 to 4000 Pakistani Rupees


You can purchase the wallets of your dreams from yet another online retailer. Since all their wallets are genuine leather, you can use them without worrying about damage for many years. One special feature of their wallets is that you can print or engrave your name on them, making it the ideal gift for someone you\’re buying it for. Each wallet is distinct from others in its designs, printing, and styles.

Price range: 2000–5000 Pakistani Rupees.

Jaffer Jees

One of the most well-known companies to purchase wallets and purses of the highest calibre. The name is self-explanatory. Jafferjees is the ideal option if you\’re looking to buy something for yourself or a gift for someone else. One of the oldest leather manufacturers in the world is Jafferjees.

Price range: 3000–10,000 Pakistani Rupees.

Black Bird Leather

You\’ll find all the finest handcrafted leather wallets at Black Bird Leather. The online store is your one-stop shop for vintage leather wallets, coin zippers, trifold leathers, and much more. Black bird leathers are a great place to find expertly produced vintage leather.

Price range: 2000–5000 Pakistani Rupees.

Jild Craft

To satisfy the expectations of today\’s constantly changing world, they have developed their distinctive cut in a contemporary serving style. The wallets can also have your name engraved on them. Here, you can find a wide variety of leather accessories and bags that have been somewhat personalised. You name it; they have it—minimalist wallets, chequebook covers, cardholders, and much more.

Price range: 1000–3000 Pakistani Rupees.

Vintage Street

Do you appreciate everything\’s vintage feel? Do you have an old soul? The best option for you is Vintage Street. In Pakistan, Vintage Street offers a specialised selection of men\’s presents, wallets, small accessories, and bags made of superior leather.

Price range: 2000–3000 Pakistani Rupees.


Mango is another wonderful online retailer where you can find men\’s wallets. You can get all different types of wallets here, including card holders, casual wallets, and wallets with zippers. Each wallet is excellent, with high-quality leather and zippers. They also include matching keychains with the wallet to provide you with an alternative fashion statement.

Price range: 3000–8000 Pakistani Rupees.

Dreams Pakistan

Another page to fulfil your wishes. Purchase branded wallets without any difficulty. Dreams have been a retailer and supplier of high-end products since 2005. These products include crystals, timepieces, fine writing instruments, purses, fashion accessories, and gift items. Gaining the confidence and happiness of their clients has always been and will always be their main priority.

Price range: 10,000 to 30,000 Pakistani rupees.


Arzaan is a hotspot for both male and female wallets of every kind. Each wallet has a highly unique appearance. They provide cardholders in various designs that can help you store all your professional or personal cards. They also offer vertical wallets, bi-folds, and skinny wallets. There are numerous options for men\’s wallets.

Price range: 1000–3000 Pakistani Rupees.

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