Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Birth Control Pills In Pakistan

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Birth Control Pills In Pakistan
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Birth Control Pills In Pakistan

Side Effect Of Birth Control Pills In Pakistan

One of Pakistan\’s most serious issues is the country\’s population growth, which has reached a minimum in recent decades. With a population of almost 190 million people, Pakistan is a country where cities remain closed and do not tend to grow on the outskirts, causing many problems and impeding work prospects. This is why the relevant authorities always stress the importance of family planning and birth control pills in Pakistan.

However, just as nothing comes for free, using birth control pills usually comes with a price tag. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to using birth control pills or other contraceptive methods.

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According to embed experts, oral contraceptives contain synthetic versions of two female hormones: progestin alone or estrogen with progestin. The hormones estrogen and progestin govern a woman\’s menstrual cycle, and their varying amounts are crucial for fertility.

Women in Pakistan typically suffer from unexpected pregnancies or are coerced into them by the patriarchal system. Birth control pills are a highly effective reversible contraception with a 98 % likelihood of preventing pregnancy. Some women who cannot see a gynaecologist regularly and have irregular periods may benefit from contraceptive birth control pills, which also provide relief from unpleasant cramps.

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Benefits and Advantages of Using Birth Control Pills

birth control pills in Pakistan also aid in disease prevention, acne treatment, and body hair reduction. One benefit that Pakistani women might truly benefit from is the prevention of osteoporosis, which is highly widespread. Contraceptive birth control tablets do not affect future fertility in women, according to a 40-year study published on emed expert, and contraceptives are beneficial to women.

Apart from the medical component of contraception and birth control tablets, Pakistan might benefit much from population control (this has now become a popular public opinion). Campaigns by Sabzsitara (Greenstar) and other NGOs have resulted in slogans like \”Bachay do hi achay,\” demonstrating that the country is truly grappling with a growing population catastrophe.

Disadvantages and High Risks That Come With Birth Control Pills in Pakistan

1 – Increase Your Cancer Risk

\" Increase
 Increase Your Cancer Risk

Birth control drugs have linked to breast, cervical, and liver cancer in several studies. Birth control pills in Pakistan every year we lose 40,000 women because of breast cancer.

2 – Potential To Reduce Your Libido

potential To Reduce Your Libido

Birth control pills work by interfering with your regular hormone levels, leading to a decrease in sex urge.

3 – Cause Depression

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Birth control medications have linked to depression in studies. Many women who take the pill experience increased anxiety, develop mood problems, and have reduced endorphin levels.

4 – Isn\’t Only Your Responsibility


With men\’s contraception on the horizon, it\’s no longer feasible to place the cost of birth control only on women, especially when it can have negative consequences. Men must stand up and share equal responsibility for contraception with their partners as the times change.

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5 – Increase The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

Increase The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

It raises the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in women over 35 and frequent smokers, in particular. Several studies have found a strong relationship between these variables. Birth control pills in Pakistan effect your health.

6 – Impact On The Way You Choose A Partner

Impact On The Way You Choose A Partner

Choosing a genetically distinct partner increases the chances of a healthy and powerful immune system in the child. On the other hand, women on the pill are more likely to choose partners who are genetically similar to them, according to studies.

7 – Isn\’t 100% Effective


Contrary to common perception, taking the pill does not guarantee that you will not become pregnant. It only works if you remember to take the pill every day, without fail, and even then, it\’s only 91 % effective, meaning one out of every eleven women who take it will become pregnant. Uh-oh!

8 – Delay Your Pregnancy

Delay Your Pregnancy

According to studies, 54 % of women gave birth 12 months after ceasing contraceptive methods like condoms, compared to 32 % of women who stopped taking the pill. Women who used oral contraceptives for two or more years took nine months on average to conceive, compared to three months for women who used condoms.

9 – Blood Clots 

Blood Clots

Blood clots are linked to birth control, according to studies. Women who use birth control are twice as likely to have blood clots, or 6 out of every 10,000 women.


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