Zara Triggers Boycott for Controversial ‘Gaza-War Inspired’ Collection

Boycott Zara tending on x
Boycott Zara tending on x

Boycott Zara tending on x: The Israeli franchise holder of the retail clothing brand Zara hosted far-right Knesset member (MK) Itamar Ben Gvir for a campaign event on October 24, prompting Palestinians to demand a boycott of the company.

A week before the elections on November 1, Canadian-Israeli dual citizen Joey Schwebel, chairman of Israel’s Zara line, hosted the anti-Palestinian MK for a campaign event.

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The candidate competing in Tel Aviv’s legislative elections is Ben Gvir, the leader of the far-right nationalist group Otzma Yehudit, which translates as Jewish Power.

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Following the meeting on October 20, which was covered by Israeli news channel 12, Palestinians living in the occupied territories started internet campaigns calling for a boycott of Zara goods.

Social media users posted videos of Palestinians burning retail store clothing and urged their fellow Palestinians to “boycott this racist company.”

On October 13, in the evening, Ben Gvir was shown on camera brandishing a firearm in the Sheikh Jarrah district of occupied east Jerusalem and advising settlers and police to shoot Palestinians who threw stones at the Israeli troops.

Ben Gvir later attempted to use Twitter to defend his actions, saying: “Our cops are being tied down by politicians.” It is inconceivable that Arabs would throw stones at police and the officers wouldn’t open fire in return.

Boycott Zara tending on x

Additionally, Ben Gvir is well-known for having praised radical settler Baruch Goldstein, who murdered 29 Palestinians in 1994 at the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Despite labeling the far-right MK as “unfit” for a ministerial position, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu stated on October 23 that Ben Gvir may be a minister in his cabinet provided the former premier forms a government after the elections.

With 14 seats thus far in the elections, Ben Gvir’s Religious Zionism party leads Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s National Camp party by just 12 seats.


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