10 Best and Delicious Chocolates in Pakistan with Price 2023

10 Best and Delicious Chocolates in Pakistan with Price 2023

Today, Pakistan has access to a wide variety of chocolates. Well-known companies in Pakistan supply high-quality chocolates. You will discover the top ten chocolates in Pakistan right here.

10 Best and delicious chocolates in Pakistan 2023

The sections below list Pakistan\’s top 10 chocolate brand names for 2023

Cadbury dairy milk

The most often consumed chocolate in Pakistan is Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. It is manufactured by Cadbury using fresh milk. In London, Cadbury 1905 was first made available. It received first place in the UK in 2004.

In Pakistan, Cadbury is well-known for its creamy quality. It includes milk, sugar, vegetable fat, protein, cocoa butter, fiber, emulsifiers, carbs, and cocoa mass.

Hershey Company, which produces Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, is well-known in Pakistan and other nations like the USA.

These Cadbury dairy milk chocolates are beneficial for your health. For instance, it lowers blood pressure, acts as an energy booster, and gives people the strength to combat stress and despair. It is also considered beneficial for the bones and a good source of antioxidants.

However, there are several drawbacks to Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, including the possibility of significant weight gain and danger to diabetes individuals.

Dairy Milk Chocolate Price in Pakistan with Sizes in 2023

Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy Chocolate, which began production in the UK in 1960, is now highly well-known worldwide, including in Pakistan. It has a distinct flavor and a lot of calories. It is also a fantastic source of fat and carbohydrates for humans.

Galaxy chocolate provides antioxidants and an immediate energy source that promotes smooth blood flow and is beneficial for the proper operation of the brain and other body components. In this manner, the body\’s blood pressure maintains its steady equilibrium. Additionally, it offers the body high-quality nutrients and UV protection for the skin.

Milk, palm oil, skim milk concentrate, whey concentrate, lactose, cocoa mass, and butter are some components used to make Galaxy chocolate.

Along with the benefits of Galaxy chocolate, it can also lead to obesity, which is bad for human health.


MARS chocolate, produced by Mars Inc., is the other well-known chocolate brand in Pakistan. This chocolate was first made available in England in 1932, where it quickly gained popularity due to its high protein, fat, and carbohydrate content.

First, there are two editions of Mars chocolate. The first is the American version, and the second is the British version. The American version is created from roasted almonds, milk, and nougat, while the British version comprises caramel with nougat coated in milk.

It is common knowledge that 50 grammes of Mars chocolate has 230 kcal. As a result, it is considered a good food energy provider. Toasted almonds, milk, caramel, sugar, and nougat are among the ingredients of Mars chocolate.

Mars chocolate positively affects one\’s health, including decreasing blood pressure and benefiting the heart. It provides a large amount of nutrients as well. However, there are certain drawbacks, such as the possibility of diabetes and obesity.

Ferrero Rocher

Italian-made Ferrero Rocher chocolate has a good flavour and is of high quality. It was initially released in 1982 in Europe. Skim milk powder, mass, and cocoa butter are used in its production.

Chocolate from Ferrero Rocher provides quick energy. It strengthens a person\’s immune system and reduces heart-related problems.

Bounty Chocolate

The Bounty chocolate, which comprises milk and covered coconut filling, is a delicious chocolate well-liked in Pakistan. It also has a lot of additional components that give the body a lot of calories and protein.

Chocolate from bounty is a good way to get the required calories and fat. Cocoa, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, and coconut are used in the production of this product.

Given that it addresses various health problems, bounty chocolate is consider healthy. For instance, it lowers blood pressure and heart-related issues, strengthens the immune system, and offers a significant and good number of nutrients required for the body to function properly.

It also has certain negative side effects. For instance, it may result in complications with the teeth.

Toblerone Dark

In Pakistan, Toblerone dark chocolate is well-liked for its distinctive flavour and superior quality. Additionally, the packaging of Toblerone dark chocolate is distinctive from other brands and simple to recognise.

Dark chocolate from Toblerone is a good source of calories and fat. Additionally, it is healthy.

Snickers chocolate

Snickers chocolate is the other top-rated and most well-known chocolate in Pakistan that is of high quality. The top chocolate brands in Pakistan are Snicker chocolates.

The ingredients used to make Snickers chocolate include nougat, peanuts, caramel, and milk. Because of this, it has an adequate amount of nutritional fibre, protein, and carbohydrates for health.

Skim milk, milk chocolate, egg whites, cocoa butter, corn syrup, chocolate, and palm oil make up Snicker chocolate.

Although eating Snickers chocolate increases the risk of developing diabetes, it also helps to balance the body\’s blood sugar levels. Both the heart and the brain benefit from it healthily.


Kit Kat, another high-quality chocolate brand made and produced by Nestle, is another option. It is packaged as a chocolate wafer bar. It mostly serves as a source of delectable food. This is also utilized in other delicacies to give milkshakes, pastries, and cakes a great flavour.

In Pakistan, Kit Kat chocolate has a healthy dose of calories, carbs, and fat. In a nutshell, you could say that it is a calorie-dense substance that promotes weight growth.

Non-fat milk, lactose, wheat flour, yeast, cocoa butter, artificial flavour, and refined palm kernel oil are used to make Kit Kat chocolate.

Additionally, Kit Kat has positive health effects. For instance, because it can strengthen the immune system, it is healthy for the heart. Additionally, it is a great strategy to obtain carbs. However, it is bad for diabetic individuals and can affect a person\’s health by creating dental cavities.


The Mars corporation in the United Kingdom began producing Twix Chocolate in 1967. It is accessible in a large number of nations, including Pakistan.

The taste of Twix chocolate is distinct. It is make with milk chocolate, lactose, cocoa butter, milk fat, and whey powder as ingredients.

Twix chocolate has the following advantages that are beneficial to human health. The immune system, brain, and heart are all strengthened and improved. It is also a rich source of carbs and high protein. Additionally, it lowers blood pressure.


Mitchells, which sells a variety of chocolates in Pakistan, is another top-notch and superior chocolate brand. In the production of Mitchells, whey powder, skim milk powder, and palm oil are used. The body receives adequate calories and carbohydrates from it.

It benefits the immune system, the brain, and the blood flow, but it is harmful to diabetes people.

Best chocolate Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of the widely consumed Cadbury dairy milk chocolate in Pakistan and other top chocolate prices for 2022 are provide.

Name of ChocolatePrice in Pakistan
Cadbury dairy milk (Pack of 24 pieces)PKR. 559
Galaxy (36 grams)PKR. 350
Mars (24 bars 51 gram)PKR. 3000
Twirl (95 grams)PKR. 1200
Bounty (220 grams)PKR. 795
Toblerone Dark (100 grams)PKR. 450
Snickers (3 x 50 gram)PKR. 360
Kit Kat (21 grams)PKR. 449
Twix (50 gram)PKR. 2450
Mitchells (10 gm)PKR. 325
Ferrero Rocher (T-16 box imported)PKR. 1749


Here all the most delicious Chocolates in Pakistan is give and described in detail. So, you can find your favorite one and can enjoy its taste.

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