Indians are outraged by the inclusion of the controversial director in the popular show.

reality show Bigg Boss 16

The news that the movie director Sajid Khan is one of the new participants on the renowned Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss 16 startled Indians, and internet users are upset with the show\’s producers for including the suspected harasser on it.

Sajid Khan shared some life lessons before entering the house on Saturday, saying, \”For the previous four years, I\’ve been at home and wasn\’t receiving too many work possibilities. When Colours asked me, I decided it was time to enter the house and discover more about myself.

The director of Housefull remarked that he has had many highs and lows in life and that the past four years have been particularly trying.

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The host, Salman Khan, intervened, saying, \”You\’ve only experienced one down, the rest are ups.\”

The infamous director replied, \”I had one terrific drop.\”


He continued, “There is a saying: ‘failure destroys people, but in my case success destroyed me. I had become very arrogant, had back-to-back three hits so I thought I had become infallible, I just couldn’t go wrong with a film. I was issuing arrogant statements, God gave me one tight slap, and Himmatwala flopped. [I] got a little humble, got another slap and after Humshakals came, I hid my face”.

Netizens were enraged by his comments and even declared they would not watch the season, unmoved by him.

Here are some reality show Bigg Boss 16 reactions by Twitterati:

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Netizens were enraged by his comments and even declared they would not watch the season, unmoved by him. Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of his female coworkers in the aftermath of the MeToo movement that has been taking place in India since October 2018. He was then prohibited from directing films by the Indian Film and Television Directors\’ Association. However, the prohibition was lifted on December 10, 2019, one year later.

Farhad Samji, the co-director of Housefull 3, eventually took Sajid Khan\’s place as the director of Housefull 4 (2019), although he disputed the accusations (2016).


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