Eid ul Fitr Traditions Become \’Very Different\’ For Muslims In The Age Of Coronavirus

Eid ul Fitr Traditions Become \’Very Different\’ For Muslims In The Age Of Coronavirus
Eid ul Fitr Traditions Become ’Very Different’ For Muslims In The Age Of Coronavirus

eid-ul-fitr traditions and coronavirus: Eid ul-Fitr, the Muslim festival, is marked with celebrations, friends and also family gatherings, and a lot of feasting. The 2020 year, the coronavirus is threatening to deaden that feeling. \”In 2020, Eid-ul-Fitr is not just a slight difference, and it\’s completely different. Unlike Pakistan, shops, shopping malls, salons in many other countries remain closed. Eid ul-Fitr marks the most significant shopping season in most Muslim countries. But in 2020 Eid ul Fitr, many businesses will feel the pain of lost income.

The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of the three-day Eid ul-Fitr or \”feast of fast-breaking\” holiday, in which Muslims exchange social visits and seek to strengthen bonds of brotherhood in the community. They celebrate with prayers of thanksgiving, good food, brand-new clothes, gift-giving, & all the other festivities associated with a happy occasion.

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Eid day is an Exciting Time for Musims

Muslims. Before the Eid ul Fitr prayer, Muslims give out some money for the needy. That is a reminder that fasting has made them more understanding of the needs of others. Then they go to mosques for the Eid prayer. After that, most people visit family and friends to exchange gifts, share sweetmeats, and enjoy time together. Most Muslims will hold an Eid dinner later in the night for the people to get along. The celebrations continue for a couple more days, sometimes even till the next weekend.

 It\’s time to reflect on the month that has passed, be happy at having achieved a month of fasting & worship, and to hope that the deeds have earned the pleasure of the Lord.

 \”The festival of breaking of the fast,\” food plays a vital role in Eid al-Fitr. The first breakfast of the event is relatively subdued, typically consisting of some sweets and dates. The real feast begins when families get together for lunch on the first day after morning prayers. Vast quantities of all sorts of local delicacies are devoured in joyous

celebration. The feasting becomes so frenzied that nutritionists have had to warn people in recent years about the dangers of overeating after a lengthy period of fasting.

Prayer Plays an important Role.

Eid al-Fitr isn\’t just about breaking the fast, and it\’s also a time for bonding as a community and devoting oneself to prayer. On the first day of the event, Muslims visit their local mosque to pray under an open sky, kneeling so that their heads touch the ground and loudly saying, \”Allah is great.\” Several different prayer sessions are held throughout the festival, most of which are compulsory and are used to ask for forgiveness, mercy, peace, and blessings.

Everyone Sports a Clean New Outfit.

On the day of Eid al-Fitr, it is conventional for people to bath & put on a new outfit. This is done to honour Allah and is expected to express the notion of religious renewal.

Gifts are Handed Out Left, Right, and Centre.

Children typically get most of the attention, although presents are liberally handed out between friends and relatives as well.

Giving isn\’t Limited to the Family.

All Muslim people with the financial means are expecting to pay Zakat al-Fitr, a special kind of alms which is intended to strengthen ties within the Islamic community and foster feelings of brotherhood and love. The system allows more impoverished Muslims to be included in lavish Eid al-Fitr banquets and encourages the wealthy to be more generous throughout the year.

It\’s a public Celebration.

Eid ul-Fitr is generally celebrated in public to build a greater sense of community. The festivities continue well into the night when an abundance of fireworks lights up the sky. The world is gearing up to celebrate Eid ul Fitr, and preparations are on in full swing. Eid marks the end of the Ramadan. On a special occasion, people offer prayers to the almighty and gather for a lavish feast later in the day. A traditional Eid spread is an epicurean delight and a sheer indulgent affair. If you are planning to host one at home or are thinking of going out and try some traditional favourites, we have curated a list of our favourite festive dishes that you have to try this Eid. Here goes: 

Best Dishes for Celebrating Eid ul Fitr With Family: 

Sheer KhurmaThis\’ Meethi Eid\’, treat yourself and your family with this sumptuous Eid staple. Wholesome Sweet milk pudding with vermicelli topped with chunky nuts and raisins. There we saw you slurping.


Kimami Sewaiyan

Just like sheer khurma, the star ingredients of this dessert are vermicelli and milk, but this one is slightly thicker inconsistency. Lotus seeds, almond, coconut, cashews, and raisins are adding in the tasty mix of milk, khoya, sugar and vermicelli to make it more productive. 

Mutton Korma

This robust mutton curry is teeming with aromatic masalas, cashew nut paste, rose water, and saffron. The succulent and spicy mutton pieces pair very well with sheer


Did you saw this coming, didn\’t you? A quintessential Eid ul Fitr spread is incomplete without biryani. Fragrant rice dish layered with succulent pieces of your favourite meat, biryani is hit across ages. Team it with raita or spicy salad, and you would know what we mean. 


The slightly sweet and chewy flatbread made with the goodness of ghee, sugar and saffron-enhanced milk was popularised on Indian terrains by the Mughals. They make a delightful pair with kormas and nihari. 

Seekh Kebab

Smoky, succulent and delectable; this delicacy made with spicy minced meat mixture is a must in any Eid spread.

Bhuni Raan

Raan is a toothsome mutton dish made with a fried leg. It is a nice departure from the usual curry-based Mughlai meals. You can serve it with roasted potatoes & fresh veggies. 

Shahi Tukda

Milk, pieces of bread, nuts, ghee, sugar, and thick cream; that is all that goes into this delectable dessert. Try this recipe at home.

This year Eid ul Fitr is different from last year we can only celebrate eid at home its difficult for everyone to maintain social distance on Eid day

Here are 7 Ways You Can Enjoy Eid ul Fitr 2020 at Home Amid the Coronavirus Lockdown:

1 – Decorate Your House

Give your house a festive look and decorate it with Eid-ul-Fitr decorations. Put on some music to suit the occasion.

2 – Dress-up For the Occasion

Despite the celebration indoors, dress up for Eid. Organize your attire along with the accessories to look your best and enjoy the day. Be it old or new, choose the best from the wardrobe.

3 – Pray at Home

As the government and most leading Islamic organizations across the world have directed people to pray at home and not congregate at mosques. Your family and your safety are essential, and given the present circumstances, putting the safety of others before your own is also an act of kindness. Organize your jamaat with your family, and pray together. It will surely lift everyone\’s spirits.

4 – Greet your Family, Friends Through Social Media & On Virtual Platforms

Connect with your family, friends, and relatives on Eid ul Fitr this year through video conferencing. Exchange greetings and wish them through various social media platforms such as Skype, Google, WhatsApp.

5 – Virtual Iftaar Feast

Food is a preference for the Eid ul Fitr plan and prepares some traditional delicacies. Dishes, especially sweets, could be enjoyed together with relatives and friends on video calls.

6 – Eat But Be Careful

The smell from your kitchen will tempt you to taste and enjoy all delicacies available throughout the day. But keep guard and enjoy small quantities to avoid hurting your body and stomach.

7 – Observe Social Distancing

In case you step out of your houses, wear a mask and gloves. So, Maintain distance from people in the market and public places. Use sanitizer. Once back home, wash your hands and keep troubles away.


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