Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before

Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before

The cats we\’re used to seeing around our homes are nothing like those I\’m about to describe. Their appearance, personality, and habits are different in comparison to ours. Cat owners will appreciate these amazing Exotic Cat Breeds based on their preferences. These animals have distinct personalities and may not suit every home or person\’s expectations. But, in any case, let\’s get to know them!

10 Exotic Cat Breeds

Savannah Cat

That is a relatively young breed, having only been recognized by the International Exotic Cat Breeds Association in 2001. (TICA). Savannah cats are a cross between servals and domestic cats. A serval is a slender African wild cat with huge ears, long legs, and an orange-brown coat with black spots. Savannahs can weigh up to 30 pounds as a result of this. Although they have a wild side, this cat is more social and devoted than most domestic cats, similar to how dogs are. The development of this breed is not a simple task.

The scientists cross a serval and a domestic cat to produce F1 generation kittens received directly. Unfortunately, the kittens may take years to arrive, but they are half-wild serval and half domestic cats. As a result, their price is out of this world, at $30,000 for F1s. F5 Savannahs are also available for $2,000 each. As they may no longer be thoroughbreds, the price drops with each generation. Taking everything into account, I can state that this animal is tough to locate and obtain, but rest assured, they will be your closest buddy.

Cornish Rex

Any cat\’s coat comprises three layers:

  • The guard\’s hair on the outside
  • The \”own\” hair in the middle
  • The down hair or fur on the bottom

Cornish Rex is unique in that they solely have down hair. They\’re so appealing to touch, as they\’re as soft as teddy bears. Another peculiar feature of Rexes is that their fur can be wavy at times. However, despite their hair, this breed is not suited to living outside. They\’re always by your side, on the couch, or your lap, wherever it\’s warm. You\’ll notice that they have a cheese-like odour since they have a gland in their paws that other cats lack.

These cats are known for being playful, and because it takes them a little longer to mature into adults, they will act like kittens for a while. You must be prepared to witness them sprinting in gallop if you want this one. This type of cat is exceedingly active, even sporty, in that it runs, races, jump high, fetches, and occasionally contrives to execute acrobatic jumps. They\’ll be a tremendous treat for a large, busy family, especially if children are.

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The Sphynx is unquestionably a unique breed, yet they are not without lovers. The fact that they are furless is their most distinguishing feature. Sphynxes have deep heavenly blue eyes, are kind and lively, and prefer to be near their owners because loneliness is terrible for them. They are also highly active, so expect to see them prancing around the house. Of course, each cat\’s personality is unique, but Sphynxes, in general, has a charming disposition that will have you laughing all the time.

Because the Exotic Cat Breeds lack fur, they easily become overheated or cold. Thus they seek out a warm and comfy location to sleep at night. Furthermore, they cannot go outside because the hot sun causes sunburns on their skin and severe frost is lethal to them. Another unique trait of these cats is that they should be bathed once a week because they are \”naked.\” It is a popular misconception that Egyptians worshipped the Sphynx, but this is not true. Because the breed only appeared in the 1970s, it stands to reason that Egyptians would be unable to possess it. In any event, there is a lot to say about hairless cats throughout history.

The breed took a long time to develop and arrive in the form that we see now. A slew of errors surrounds these cats. The majority of us believe we are fully hairless. However, this is not the case. Hair grows around the ears and mouth of sphinxes, and they may have peach fuzz and whiskers. Another popular misconception about the breed is that it is hypoallergenic. Many people who are sensitive to cats are allergic to the oils on their skin rather than the hair itself. If you wish to bring Sphynx to your home, you should first see a doctor. Sphynx will win your heart because he is unique and unlike anybody else.


This is a brief history of the breed\’s beginnings. It first occurred in 1982 due to a spontaneous mutation, with all of the kittens in the litter being normal except for one. Linda and Richard were taken aback when they discovered a bald kitten with tabby markings on its skin. Her soft and curly coat appeared as she grew older. Thus she was given the name Curly. At the same time, this explains the entire breed\’s moniker, LaPerm. Curly was an ordinary cat who did not receive special treatment from his owners. The pair did not attempt to start a new breed, but they did not spay her either. Curly\’s five male kittens were born with the same mutation after she became pregnant.

That was the beginning of a new breed called LaPerm. Their personality can be summarised as calm, reasonable, and friendly, with no extremes. However, they are not as soft as you might think; they are the opposite due to the curls. People who are allergic to cats will find this breed appealing because it does not cause severe allergic reactions and is considered hypoallergenic. As a result, this cat breed is ideal for you.

Scottish Fold

The folded ears are the first thing that comes to mind. The ear cartilage bends forward and down due to a dominant gene mutation that causes it to bend forward and down. Many people believe that the Scottish remind them of owls due to this. These cats are never obnoxious, and their smooth, fluffy coats make you want to stroke and praise them all the time. Even their meows and purrs are distinct from those of other breeds. They\’ll be found strewn about the house and lying in strange poses.

When they lie on their backs and spread their rear legs while keeping their forelegs on the chest, I call one of the \”Buddha.\” Scottish folds are not independent like other Exotic Cat Breeds ; they are loyal and affectionate to their owners, and they will always accompany you around the house and be close. This breed comes in various colours and fur lengths: short or long. And I can\’t forget about their eyes. You\’ll just start flattering him when they gaze at you and are so cute, so innocent, and leave you defenceless.

Khao Manee

These cats are difficult to explain because they have their quirks, personality traits, and unique appearance. The name \”White Gem\” comes from Thailand, where the breed originated. They are known as \”Diamond Eyes\” in various regions of the world because these cats can have blue or gold eyes and eyes of distinct colours: one blue and one gold. Cats with unusual eyes are the most popular, preferred, and valuable. Khao Manees are regarded as intelligent, lively, and communicative people. Manees are distinguished by their pure white coats and pink paw pads, and eyes.

Other than that, they have no distinguishing characteristics from domestic cats. These cats want to nestle in your lap and scream to acquire what they need. It\’s a wonderful breed for being a full-fledged family member. Despite its popularity in Thailand, the breed was not recognized in the United States until TICA granted them the \”Preliminary New Breed\” designation in 2011.

Teacup Persian

Because there are no unique classifiers for this, such as size or colour, these cats are not differentiated from Persians. On the other hand, Teacups are a little smaller than regular Persians. Anyway, I chose to include them in my list because they are difficult to come by, and the price may be prohibitive. The shorter muzzle and long hair are what make them popular and noticeable. Teacup Persians have a humble and undemanding demeanour. They resemble fluffy balls and are incredibly playful and amusing. They are deserving of their status as the most popular cat breed in the United States.

Japanese Bobtail

Have you seen a Japanese Bobtail before? Your response is almost certainly \’no.\’ This cat breed is rare. This cat\’s tail is short and resembles that of a rabbit. The Japanese Bobtail also has rabbit-like aspirations. This cat\’s coat might be long or short, but it is always silky and velvety. The origins of the Japanese Bobtail can be traced back to 1602. It is the Japanese good luck cat. This cat bestows good fortune on everyone fortunate enough to share their home with them.


Munchkin lacks a distinct colouring, but they do have a genetic abnormality that makes their legs incredibly short. This, however, has no bearing on their jumping and sprinting abilities. Munchkin\’s primary flaw is its genetic makeup. Kittens with two copies of the Munchkin gene do not have a chance of surviving. As a result, cat registries do not recognize the Munchkin breed. Munchkins are also vulnerable to spinal abnormalities and sunken chests because of heredity.

Munchkin is a breed, but it can have characteristics of other cat breeds like Burmese or Devon Rex. They have the same appearance as the main breed but with larger heads and shorter legs. So there you have it: the most popular Exotic Cat Breeds for unique cat owners. Choose the one who resembles you in terms of personality and temperament and lives happily ever after. If I had my way, I would have them all. Which one do you think is yours? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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