Facebook is Launching a Chromium WebView For Android

Facebook is Launching a Chromium WebView For Android

A new in-app browser for Android that will replace the stock Chromium WebView. With a more dependable option is about to be release by Facebook. Facebook opens sites within the app, unlike other Android apps that open web connections in the user\’s preferred external browser. Facebook claims that users update the Facebook app more frequently than the code that runs the in-app browser. Leading to a problem with how it handles external connections.

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The open source Chromium project, used by many browsers on Android and other operating systems, was historically what the Facebook in-app browser on Android used, the Meta Team claims. Other mobile operating systems require the entire system to update the System WebView component. To ensure that users have access to crucial security updates, it is desirable for the System WebView component and the Chrome app to be updated through Google Play instead of through operating system updates on Android. Despite this, many Android users only update the Facebook app while neglecting to update the Chrome or WebView apps, which could be dangerous and have a negative effect.

Following in the footsteps of browser manufacturers like Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, and Mozilla Firefox, who all ship unique browser engines for Android, Team of Meta has been creating and testing a separate Chromium-Based WebView for a few years to address these concerns. This will replace the System WebView in the Android version of the Facebook in-app browser. The System WebView within the Facebook app can be swapp out for this WebView without affecting or altering the user experience in any way, and it can update concurrently with Facebook app upgrades.

This Chromium-Based WebView has been undergoing preliminary testing. And it will soon be make available to more Facebook app users with suitable devices.

The advantages mentioned above could sound like technical jargon if you\’re unfamiliar with the Android operating system. By making this adjustment, the Facebook app will operate more securely, perform better. And experience fewer app crashes when users access websites.

Facebook is not the first application to use a unique in-app browser on Android. Samsung, Microsoft, and Mozilla have all made their versions available.

The business is emphasising that this modification will not impact users\’ privacy preferences when using Meta services.


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