Faisalabad Man Made Girl Lick Shoes Over Rejection in Viral Video

Faisalabad Man Made Girl Lick Shoes Over Rejection in Viral Video

A dad who allegedly kidnapped his daughter\’s friend, tortured her physically and mentally and forced her to lick his shoes after she declined his marriage proposal has detain by police.

Rukhsana Qamar, a BDS student, reportedly had family issues with Ana Ali Sheikh and occasionally visited her home in a complaint she made to the Women\’s Police Station in Faisalabad. She claims that Ana\’s father, Sheik Danish Ali, started showing interest in her. And later made a marriage proposal to her, which she declined.


She rejected Sheikh Danish\’s offer, which, according to the complainant, infuriated him, and he retaliated against her. Claimed that Sheikh Danish and some other armed men broke into her home, kidnapped her at gunpoint. Took her to his home in Paradise Valley on Sheikhupra Road in Faisalabad, assaulted her physically, mentally, and sexually, shaved her head and eyebrows, and forced her to lick his shoes and the shoes of his accomplices. Sheikh Danish, she claimed, was also responsible for the kidnapping. The complainant claimed that the defendant recorded the entire encounter and shared the recordings on social media.


Sheikh Danish\’s collaborators in this criminal incident have identifie as Faizan, Shoaib, Khan Muhammad, Maham, and others.

Sheikh Danish, his daughter Ana Ali, and all other suspects have been taken into custody by the police. And more investigation is ongoing.



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