Fiverr Affiliate Program: How To Make Hundreds Of Dollars Without Having Any Skill?

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate Program: You may not be aware that Fiverr has an affiliate programme. There are currently millions of users on the network for freelance service providers.

Most people believe that the only way to make money on Fiverr is to have a skill you can market on the freelance marketplace. That, however, is untrue.

You can still make significant money through Fiverr\’s affiliate scheme even if you have no skills. We will go into great depth on how to make money without writing articles or offering any other services in this article.

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What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Registering on Fiverr\’s website may easily join the affiliate programme. You must encounter people seeking to complete some work while you use social media regularly, such as those who need help finding freelance writers or creating a logo for their company.

These are your clients as a Fiverr affiliate, though. You must copy the pertinent links from the platform\’s current merchants and provide them to the customer looking for that particular service.

How Does This Make You Money?

The titan of freelancing only compensates its affiliates for initial purchases made by new users. This implies that you will only receive a commission if someone who isn\’t already a registered customer of Fiverr hits on your affiliate link and makes a purchase. You won\’t get paid if the person is already a registered user.

In essence, Fiverr wants you to introduce new users to the platform. Even though it has millions of members, not everyone knows about it. Thus, spreading the word about it can potentially reward you with $100 or more.

How Much Do Fiverr\’s Affiliates Get Paid?

The amount of money that Fiverr pays its affiliates is now the intriguing part. It has two plans for paying its affiliates:

  •  CPA Plan with Fixed Commission
  •  CPA+ Revenue Share plan for 12 months

We\’ll start by defining Fiverr\’s CPA Affiliate commission. The site that offers freelance services pays a set sum for certain categories. This implies that you will only receive a single fixed commission if someone makes an account on Fiverr using your affiliate link and then purchases a particular service.

The categories and the one-time fixed commission are listed below:

Fiverr\’s CPA and Rev Share Affiliate commission

You receive a fixed commission of $10 each time a user registers on Fiverr through your affiliate link. Later, you will receive 10% of the user\’s future purchases for a full year.

Other Services Provided by Fiverr

The freelancing platform also offers several other initiatives to assist you in earning money, like Learn from Fiverr and And. co.

What is Learn Affiliate on Fiverr?

As part of their Learn Fiverr Affiliate Program, Fiverr offers a huge selection of courses from which you may choose to learn a variety of new things. You receive 30% of each course order once it is placed.


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