Most Popular and Funny Punjabi Words

Most Popular and Funny Punjabi Words

Punjabi is a great language to learn. If you have any involvement with Punjabis, we\’re sure you\’ve heard at least 90% of these phrases. Punjabi has always recognized for living life to the fullest and for their amazing sense of humor, and the Punjabi language reflects this spirit. Punjabi comedy is well-liked not only in Pakistan but also in several other nations. Here are ten of the most common and funny Punjabi words you can use in your everyday life. 

1 – O Teri

Whether right or wrong, anything happens by chance. This is more of a figure of funny Punjabi words. Longer variants of this phrase are then use to insult someone in a rage verbally.

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2 – Saanu Ki

It\’s a gossiper\’s favorite. They usually end each talk with \”Sanu Ki,\” which means \”Let it be, how does it affect us,\” after they\’ve shared all the gossip.  It\’s also use in various settings to convey a lack of interest in a particular issue or person. After Hours of Gossip, Here Is The Final Answer Sanu ki. When you\’ve had enough of gossiping and talking badly of others for the day, you say \’Saanu ki.\’

3 – Khotte Da Puttar

One of the most commonly used expressions by Punjabi fathers is to summon their kids. The irony is that the term means \”Son of a Donkey,\” hence the father refers to himself as a donkey when he uses it. However, the most common usage is as a witty way of calling someone stupid. Khotte Da Puttar is the most funny Punjabi words.

4 – Bannda Ban Ja

One of the few polite ways for a Punjabi to advise someone to behave or respect their boundaries.

5 – Tainu Ki

Funny Punjabi words that are commonly use to tell others to \”mind their own business.\”

6 – Thand Rakh Yaar

A simple statement that is most commonly use to advise someone to \”stay calm,\” but it has also taken on other connotations such as \”chill,\” \”don\’t worry,\” \”let me handle this,\” and so on.

7 – Maa Sadqe Jaey 

Lanta Paey Only Punjabi MOMs say these funny Punjabi words to show love to their kids.

8 – Phitte Munh Tere

The literal meaning may your face burn in hell today. This phrase is largely used as an affectionate way of saying you couldn\’t dumber than that could you?

9 – Haey O Rabba chak ley menu

Haey O Rabba chak ley menu is such Dramatic Mommy moments. Every Punjabi mom uses this when they irritate kids or someone else. Hayo Rabba is a word for expressing emotions, akin to Urdu\’s \’Haye Allah\’ or English\’Oh My God.\’ The word will become known to you if you watch any Punjabi drama series or movies.

10 – Ankhan Ney Tich Button

 Ankhan Ney Tich Button – When You Just Can’t Seem To Find Whatever It Is You Were Sent To Look For. Then people use this funny punjabi words. 


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