Google Search Completely Removes Currency Converter For PKR

Google Search Completely Removes Currency Converter For PKR

The currency converter for the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) against any other Google Removes Currency Converter has completely gone. The search engine now just displays other web pages like any other search.

Google Removes Currency Converter

It is important to note that Google initially took the USD to PKR conversion off. Its search results before removing the complete Pakistani Rupee currency converter (PKR).

The action was take shortly after a bug in its currency converter cause the Pakistani Rupee to valued at Rs. 207.10 on July 28, 2022, rather than its accurate Rs. 239.94.
Google quickly fixed the problem, but the business completely deleted the Pakistani Rupee currency converter (PKR). It is unclear, though, whether Google took the PKR Currency Converter out of their search engine due to the recent volatility of the local currency.

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