Hania Aamir & Badshah Meet Up in Dubai

Hania Aamir & Badshah Meet Up in Dubai
Hania Aamir & Badshah Meet Up in Dubai

Hania Aamir Meet Up in Dubai with Badshah: When Hani Aamir and Badshah recently got together in Dubai, they discussed tidbits of their shared past.

A few months ago, the couple released pictures of themselves together, which caused quite a stir in the media.

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Fans and followers in Pakistan and India were immediately drawn to the photographs, which sparked a variety of emotions.

Hania Aamir used Instagram once more to post a new photo with Badshah. It said that they were in Dubai at the moment to attend a cricket match.

The two celebs were shown in the picture seemed to be in a laid-back and amicable mood.

Hania stated on Instagram that Badshah was there to “rescue” her.

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Her post’s caption read, “Rescue arrived from Chandigarh.”

Badshah performed a rendition of the well-known Pakistani ballad “Kala Jora” for Hania Aamir during their time together. He conveyed his appreciation for her considerable social media following.

Fans have not responded favorably to the images and videos that Hania Aamir and Badshah posted, despite their appearing cordial exchange.
Diverse responses have been triggered by the pictures. Many admirers of the two posted their disgust and requests that they reevaluate their partnership on social media.

Concerns were expressed by numerous admirers, who emphasized the necessity of boundaries between the two celebrities. A few admirers even went so far as to demand that Hania Aamir and Badshah break up. The possibility of dispute and retaliation was mentioned. Not only did they convey their disdain, Some admirers recommended that Hania Aamir’s followers reevaluate their allegiance.

They suggested switching to other famous people who would share their values and opinions better.

Several messages and comments on social media shared this same opinion.


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