How To Get Canva Pro For FREE in 2023 – An Ultimate Solution

How To Get Canva Pro For FREE in 2022 – An Ultimate Solution

As a content creator, branding expert, or business owner, you want to know how to acquire Canva Pro for FREE. As a result, you can see monthly or annual financial savings that you can put toward other goals. Canva is one of the most creative tools for creating content for social media, websites, and infographics in the graphics design and branding industry. Now and again, you’ll need to access Canva content that is only available to Pro users. In this article, I\’ll explain How To Get Canva Pro .(Premium).

Signing up for a lifetime account is quick and easy. Follow the detailed instructions below guidelines to get a free Canva premium account.
If you fall into one of these groups and satisfy the requirements, Canva will offer you premium features. With the help of a free Canva Pro giveaway, the Canva for Education initiative was established to support education.

You must have email to receive a lifetime Canva Pro account for free as a student or instructor. I\’ll show you how to quickly create a email account if you don\’t already have one, so you can use it to sign up for Canva premium for no cost.

How Does Canva Work?

Anyone with a Canva account can use it. To access the features, you must create a Canva account.

Canva is necessary if you are:

  • Business owner
  • graphic designer
  • branding specialist
  • social media manager
  • content creator
  • web developer, etc.

Types of Canva Account

There have two categories of accounts on Canva

  • Canva Basic
  • Canva Pro

What is Canva Basic?

The Canva Basic freemium account is open to all users and requires no payment. You cannot access Canva Pro features like assets, assets, and videos with this account type.

Use of Canva Basic is free.

What is Canva Pro, exactly?

Access to extra features, including premium pictures, videos, unlimited storage, and assets, is available to Canva Pro subscribers.

If you do not have a premium membership, each asset will cost you between $1 and $20. However, all premium materials are free if you have a Canva Pro subscription.

As a user, you are free to use the premium designs, videos, and images included in the Canva library.

How to Obtain Canva Pro Freely

By following the steps below, you can get a Canva Pro to account for life for no cost:

1. Get a Passive Email Address

Getting your free Canva Pro account requires first getting your email address. Observe the upcoming website:

You can create email address required to sign up for a Canva for Education account on this page. The dashboard has an email ID that is instantly active and good for 10 minutes.

Once you have’s temporary email address, go to step 2. But if not, click the delete button. You will notice right away that you have a new email address.

Until you see your email address, refresh the page. The generated email will end with, as shown below:

2. Go to the Canva page for teachers

Visit to access the Canva for Education sign-up page.
Click Sign up with email and enter your email. You will receive One Time Passwords (OTP) notifications in your email inbox.

After entering the OTP, click “Submit.”

Once your email address has been validated, you will have unrestricted access to Canva’s premium features. Congratulations! Free account for life.
3. Alternate Email Address email addresses are only good for 10 minutes; you must update the email address in your Canva pro account.

To update your Canva email address, go to and enter your current email address.


Possessing a premium account with Canva is the first step to creating exceptional designs. This article taught you how to sign up for a free Canva Pro account.

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