How To Lose Weight In Ramadan

How To Lose Weight In Ramadan

Ramadan is a great time to get fit. What your goal is, but assume fat loss is part of it. During Ramadan, our bodies have no energy to keep us going due to no food or water. So, the body will be forced to use the fat already stored for energy, causing more fat to be burned. However, when you break your fast, people tend to eat a lot since they never ate anything all day. Therefore you may put the weight back on again. So to prevent that, you have to eat the right amount of calories your body needs. And remember there is Sehri as well. Whatever you eat at Iftar and Sehri will count as your total calories for the day. So try not to overeat during that time though. So keep your calories maintained. Many people search about how to lose weight in Ramadan.

Weight Lose Through Exercise

After Iftar, you can work out and make sure you eat enough to have the energy to work out. Then you can work out normally after Iftar. This also depends if you have the time as well, as you may also be busy. If you lift weights, then make sure you maintain the muscle got by carrying on with your normal routine because lifting weights causes your body to burn fat even after the workout continuously. Also, having large muscles increases your metabolism, so if you can maintain that and keep calories constant, you will get fit.

Stop Overeating 

Now, if you don\’t have time to go to the gym, work, studies, etc, then the best thing to do is maintain your calories and don\’t overeat when you break your fast. Also, make sure you eat Sehri, normally you should not eat before you sleep, but during Ramadan, you must. Drink lots of water during that time as well to stay hydrated

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Start Water Intake High

Increases water intake to hydrate your body. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day between Iftar and Sehrir. If you avoid drinking water, especially during Ramadan, it negatively affects your body.

Prepare Soups for Iftar

After a long day of fasting and on an empty stomach, you should consume soothing and warm dishes, and soup might be a good candidate. Soup can easily be digested by your body and fill up your body with fluids and much-needed vitamins and minerals. it\’s the best solution for how to lose weight in Ramadan.


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