How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax Online in Punjab 2022

How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax Online in Punjab 2022

E-pay Punjab\’s goal is to increase the province\’s rate of financial inclusion. The Punjab Information Technology Board and the Punjab Finance Department collaborate. Both business-to-government (B2G) and person-to-government (P2G) payments can be managed using it. from Punjab e-Pay In this post we discussed about the How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax Online .

Through the 1-Link network, this system is connected to both the State Bank of Pakistan and all other banks in Pakistan. The system was launched during the 2019–2020 fiscal year. Individuals can now pay their taxes online using a variety of electronic payment channels thanks to the development of ePay Punjab, an online tax collection platform. This brings the total number of taxes in the Punjab region to 24 and includes 11 distinct departments.

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Complete Guide to Paying Vehicle Tax online

In Punjab, paying the vehicle token tax has gotten much simpler and easier. The Punjabi government has made it possible for its citizens to pay the car token tax online. The residents of Punjab can pay vehicle tax by adhering to the guidelines listed below.

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Step 1: Install the App

The e-pay Punjab programme must be downloaded before paying car taxes. One can quickly pay all of their overdue taxes through the app. The app is simple to install through an app store or play store.

Step 2: Get Registered

Choose a service you want to use, register by completing the credential form, and take advantage of the services.

Step 3: Generate Payment Slip ID (PSID) or Challan form.

Enter a 17-digit PSID number to make the required payment. The payment can be made over the counter, through an over-the-counter terminal, an ATM, a telco network agent, or a mobile wallet.

Payment Medium

The e-pay Punjab application will access a special PSID number after enrolling. Every citizen will have a unique PSID number, which will also vary for each transaction. The following payment methods accept the PSID number as payment.

  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Internet Banking
  • TELCOs Agent Network
  • Over-the-counter (OTC)

The main goals of this effort are to make it easier for Pakistani citizens to pay their taxes, uphold transparency, improve the payment systems through innovation and honesty, and benefit the people.

Token Tax Calculator

The app automatically calculates the tax you must pay for a certain car. For cars made in-country vs those imported, there are different tax rates.

On the other hand, you can get information on the Excise and Taxation Department Website if you need to know how much tax applies to a specific vehicle. The list of automobiles and the corresponding tax rates for certain vehicles are both available there.

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E-pay Punjab Services

Some of the services that may be carried out with the e-pay Punjab app are listed below.

Online registration and payment of the vehicle token tax are also options. Additionally, if you sell the car, you can change the title from your name to someone else\’s. A single application has made the entire process convenient and hassle-free.

Procedure to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes in Sindh

Cotton fee, farad charge, and mutation fee in addition to property tax and professional tax
E-stamping Services Route Permit and Traffic Challan Sales Tax
Sindh\’s Motor Vehicle Tax Payment Process
The methods for paying taxes to Sindh\’s excise and taxation department are listed below.

The first is to go to the Civic Center\’s third floor in Karachi\’s Gulshan-e Iqbal neighbourhood. You can then pay your taxes from there.
The nearest National Bank of Pakistan (NBOP) that accepts motor vehicle taxes is another option for paying yours. How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax Online


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