How To Use Instagram For Earn Money

How To Use Instagram For Earn Money
How To Use Instagram For Earn Money

How to USE Instagram For Earn Money

You can download the app on your smartphone using the App Store. Not too long ago, developers introduced a version for PC. The program can only be installed for Windows 10 users. To understand how to use Instagram, the first signup for this app and than understand how to Monetize Instagram

Here Are List Of How to USE Instagram

1: How to sign up


Once downloaded, open the app. A permission window will appear on the screen to find fields for entering your username and password for existing profiles. You will need to click on the phrase at the bottom of the screen. Do you have an account?

You can signup or Register; they give three options

  • Facebook
  • Via Mobile Number
  • Via Email ID

If you link your Instagram Account to your Facebook account or page, then the post you share on story automatically shares on the Facebook page story. You can link your Account go to the menu from there, select Account, and then link accounts. List of social media networks select Facebook and follow the authorization of your profile.

3 – How To Disconnect From Facebook


If you want a private Instagram account, you need to unlink your accounts. Remove Facebook account from the list of linked social Networks:

  • Go to Menu Account
  • Linked Account Facebook
  • Click on Disconnect

4 – How To Post


To upload a photo or video:

  • Click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select image or video next at the top right of the screen. You will take to a menu where you can edit your photo and use standard filters.
  • When you fished edit, click on next.

In a few seconds, your photo will be published.

5 – How to Use Stories


This story app appeared in 2016. You can use ad photos or 15-second videos on your Instagram story. To access the Instagram Stories menu, open the app and swipe from left to right. Add an image or video from your smartphone gallery or share your Instagram post.

  • Instagram Stories have received many useful features since their inception:
  • More than ten shooting modes (including live broadcasting)
  • Thousands of masks
  • 12 unique filters
  • Also, you can draw, add geolocations, and sign them in special fonts on photos and videos.
  • The Instagram Stories feature is that they are only valid for 24 hours. An optional Highlights stories feature you to save your selected stories to the public.
  • If you have 10 k followers, you can also add links to your story.

6 – How To Upload IGTV


IGTV is a special Instagram video feature that allows you to upload up to 60 minutes in length of the video.
To Post A Video To IGTV

  • Click on the appropriate icon.
  • At the upper right of the screen, contact
  • In the library, select the video you want,
  • Sign your movie and choose what its cover will look like
  • Post a Video

7 – How To Increase The Number Of Followers


There are several ways to grow your Instagram followers and traffic on the post. 

Following, Likes, Comments

Following, like, and comment increases your post traffic. If more people comment and like your post, then it grows automatically.

Using Hashtags

Through the use of hashtags, you can also increase your post engagement. Instagram allows 30 hashtags in every post. Try to use the current hashtag also according to post hashtags. 

Instagram has many popular pages in various fields. Hundreds of bloggers, sweepstakes, and cross-PR competitions daily. Be an active user, and your profile will be correctly evaluated.

8 – How To Delete Account


There two options to leaving Instagram.

Temporary Suspension of the account

It hides or blocking all Instagram post, like and comments. This profile resolve at any time. You can go to Internet browner then select deactivate the account.
Select the edit profile
Temporarily block my account sequentially.

Permanent Deleted account

  • For deleted account give a reason to deleting your profile
  • Enter the password for verification
  • Select delete my account

11 – How To Make Money


Sale Of Good And Services 

You can create a business Instagram profile. just a single page becomes a real business page that will help to earn your money

Promotion And Maintenance Of Accounts

Promote and manage someone else\’s custom profiles. The main goal is to become a virtual PR manager, creating unique content. Productive work with Instagram accounts will rust enough profile.

12- How To Buy Advertising

There are three ways to create a promotional post

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Through Facebook Advertising Manager

If you wish, your promotional posts can also appear on your Facebook page then Ad Manager contains dozens of cool options and tools for creating unique ads.
Instagram is typing IGTV creators an option to make money by showing ads with their videos.
The good news for users, they will pay video makers dollars.

How to Monetize Instagram

Instagram has begun testing monetization features that will soon be available in the app. Instagram users and unique video creators, and celebrities will receive dollars based on the ideas they receive on their videos. The company will provide money to customers who provide only standard content. Many people search about How to Monetize Instagram?

The photo-sharing website Instagram is working to create a new feature for content creators. The new feature will allow content creators to add ads to users\’ IGTV videos and monetize them.


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