Hero of the day: Ibtisam saves Imran Khan life

Hero of the day Ibtisam saves Imran Khan life

Ibtisam saves Imran Khan’s life: You are all aware that Imran Khan is currently organizing a lengthy march. Imran Khan urged Pakistanis to participate in a lengthy march on October 28. And the current administration\’s announcement of the general election date is the sole goal of this lengthy march. The current administration claims that the general election will go as scheduled and that no other party will be considered.

Firing At Imran Khans Rally In Pakistan 

Ibtisam saves Imran Khan life

Imran Khan, a former prime minister and chairman of the PTI. In most of his news conferences, he is heard repeating that the people of this country must decide what to do. Foreign forces cannot alter the future of this nation. He claimed that Pakistan\’s innocent citizens have been duped for a long time and that all choices are secret. According to him, this is unheard of in democracies.

Today, an awful thing occurred when Imran Khan\’s lengthy march was resuming its journey to its destination. Unknown assailants started firing while he was on his long march, causing mayhem. According to PTI leaders, Imran Khan was wounded in the leg, and Senator Faisal Javed also sustained injuries. Imran Khan was waving his hand to his supporters and reassuring them that he was okay despite being shot in the feet, which was a significant development.


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