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Imran Khan Launches Raabta App to Everyone to Apply for Membership and Election Tickets.

Imran Khan Launches Raabta App to Everyone to Apply for Membership and Election Tickets. 

The PTI has launched a participation campaign using computerized technologies for greater simplicity and professionalism as the political temperature rises with speculation over the forthcoming election decision. For issue-free enrolment, the party has sent out a portable application called “Raabta App.” This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Raabta App

Raabta App

The application was originally provided in September 2021. And included options for enrolling abroad Pakistanis this year, according to data available on Google Play. PTI Chairman and prior leader Imran Khan authoritatively reported the application on Monday.

More than 10,000 Android users have downloaded the app. It offers a variety of features, including meeting and event planning, overviews, instalment options, contacts catalogue, intra-party races, political decision statistics, objections, and participation enlistment.

With the push of a button, members can apply for the party’s participation card.

In a press conference, Imran stated that the app will simplify the enlistment process. And that the data collected will enable the party to recognise and empower its members and residents. According to him, the app would also let the party collect input from its members for important navigation.

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