Imran Khan ordered to revoke licenses of oil marketing companies


Prime Minister Imran Khan known\’s for his quick and stick action against corruption. On Wednesday evening, he has ordered to revoke licenses of oil marketing companies (OMCs) involved in hoarding fuel, creating an artificial shortage in the country. After the initial inquiry report on the petrol crisis, Imran khan takes the decision. Prepared by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the report identified that the Petroleum Division allegedly connived with OMCs to create an artificial crisis in the country to pressure the government

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The committee named nine OMCs involved in hoarding, black-marketing, and cutting their sales. These include Shell Pakistan Limited, TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited, APL (Attock Petroleum Limited), Attock (Attock Oil Pakistan Limited), Byco, Go, Hascol, and Puma, and BE (Bakri Energy). It declared that the officials of the Petroleum Division failed to fulfill their responsibilities and took no action while oil companies were creating an artificial petrol shortage in the country. Directing punitive action against the officers involved, the premier also ordered the termination of licenses of nine oil marketing companies for hoarding and black marketing petroleum products

The current government tries to solve the domestic crisis, but mafia creates hurdles in this way to support rivals, but this act directly or indirect effects the public that already severely effected by corona pandemic


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