Indexing on Google Search & Analytics Down For Several Hours

Indexing on Google Search & Analytics Down For Several Hours

Both Google Search and Google Analytics have had indexing issues, and both services have been unavailable to users worldwide for several hours. Today Google Search & Analytics Down
Details indicate that Google Search has stopped indexing fresh content from numerous websites worldwide for the past few hours and that Google Analytics is offline and unable to display real-time website traffic. Google has acknowledged having indexing problems, but the corporation has not commented on its Google Analytics.


Google Search Central posted on Twitter that there is \”an ongoing issue with indexing in Google Search that\’s affecting a huge number of sites.\” \”Indexing may take longer for some sites. We\’re attempting to determine the root problem, adding that the following update will be available in 12 hours.

A website monitoring service called DownDetector discovered issues with Google Analytics after receiving complaints from several customers.

Google Ads / AdSense Down As Well

Additionally, there have been numerous complaints of problems with Google Ads advertisers and Google AdSense publishers\’ spending and revenues not being reported for a short period. Google does display advertisements on websites, but the income and expenses are not accurately displayed.

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