Metal Hooks Beeped In Security Check: A Student In India Forced To Remove Bra Before Taking Exam

Metal Hooks Beeped In Security Check A Student In India Forced To Remove Bra Before Taking Exam

A student was instruct to remove bra because metal hooks had beep while being searched by security.
The girl was warn that if she didn\’t take the exam, she wouldn\’t be permitted to.
The student\’s father complains, claiming that numerous other females were make to remove their underwear.

Before being allowed to undergo the medical examination. A female student allegedly had to remove her underwear.

When a female was being checked by security in Kerala, India, she was asked to take off her bra because the metal hooks were beeping.

The female security officials informed the girl that she would not permitted to take the exam. Because she would not remove her undergarments, according to NDTV.

In a police complaint, the girl\’s father said his daughter was inform of the following: \”Is your innerwear bigger than your future? Remove that immediately; don\’t waste our time.\”

The incident\’s location, an institute, has refuted every accusation. The girl\’s parents also claim that several other girls were make to remove their underwear.


\”After going through security, my daughter was informe that the innerwear\’s hook had pick up by the metal detector, and she had to take it off. The inners of about 90% of the female pupils had to taken off and kept in a storage area. The candidates were having mental health issues while taking the test \”her father added.


He argued that because of the psychological impact, the pupils were unable to sit comfortably during the exam.

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