Indian Doctor commits Suicide after Groom cancels Wedding

Indian Doctor commits Suicide after Groom cancels Wedding
Indian Doctor commits Suicide after Groom cancels Wedding

Indian Doctor commits Suicide: A doctor in Kerala is said to have killed himself after the fiancé called off the wedding since the dowry demands were not satisfied.

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After the bride-to-be called off their wedding due to her inability to pay the dowry demands of his family, an Indian doctor took her own life.

Shahana was a postgraduate medical student at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College in Kerala. The police had filed a case over her suspicious death.

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Officers filed a case against Dr. EA Ruwais, a state committee member of the Kerala Medical Postgraduates Association (KMPGA), during the course of their inquiry.

He was accused of violating the Dowry Prohibition Act in several places as well as aiding and abetting suicide.

Following her family’s allegations that dowry-related problems were the cause of her death, Health Minister Veena George launched an investigation into the suicide.

The minister asked the director of the department of women and child development to look into the matter and provide a report.

Shahana, age 26, was discovered deceased in her flat during the wee hours of December 5, 2023.

According to Reports

Ruwais and Shahana were friends, and their marriage was arranged.

However, the family of Dr. Ruwais later requested a dowry of 150 sovereigns in gold, 15 acres of land, and a BMW.

The demands were too much for Shahana’s family to meet right once, but they planned to settle for a car, 50 sovereigns in gold, and property valued at Rs. 50 Lakh (£47,000).

Due to their disagreement, Dr. Ruwais’ family called off the wedding.

According to Shahana’s family, the doctor was distraught by this and developed depression.

Shahana was supposed to work the night shift in the ICU of the medical college, but she never showed up.

She did not answer the phone when a coworker tried to reach her.

Upon arriving at her flat, colleagues discovered that the door was secured from the inside. After alerting the police, they kicked in the door and discovered Shahana unresponsive.

Even though she was taken to the hospital immediately, she had passed already.

She allegedly injected a fatal amount of anesthesia, according to the authorities.

Since then, Dr. Ruwais has been detained while the investigation is ongoing.

Examining his phone, it became clear that he had erased Shahana’s texts.

An investigator stated:

“After we seized his phone, we examined it and discovered that all of the messages Dr. Ruwais had sent to his friend Shahana had been deleted in what appeared to be an attempt to tamper with the evidence.”

Dr. Ruwais was preparing to leave Kerala, according to the police, as it became clear he would be declared the main suspect.

He has been expelled from the Kerala Medical Postgraduates Association in addition to his arrest.


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