Iqra Kanwal is Getting Engaged, Reveals Fiancé Face

Iqra Kanwal is Getting Engaged, Reveals Fiancé Face

Iqra Kanwal is Getting Engaged: With all the popularity and notoriety they are gaining through YouTube, sisterlogy is reaching new heights. People love to watch the daily vlogs posted by Sisterlogy on their YouTube channel. Those already familiar with this moniker must be well informed about it, but for those who are not, we provide some fundamental details below.

It’s always fantastic to observe the bonds and love among the five sisters featured on this YouTube channel, the Faisal sisters, as they go about their daily lives. Iqra Kanwal’s oldest sister, recently uploaded a vlog on her YouTube page describing her Baat Pakki ceremony. She undoubtedly continued to conceal her fiance’s face, but she finally did so in front of her YouTube family. Areeb, her fiancé, was undoubtedly uncomfortable declaring his identity, but he was forced to go in front of the cameras because of certain rumors.

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Well, this face reveals video blog is fascinating. Iqra was unaware of all the preparations undertaken, which were made possible by her sister Hira Faisal. She most likely persuaded Areeb to participate in their vlog. People are in awe of the couple after sisterlogy released the eagerly awaited picture earlier in this vlog.

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Iqra and Areeb look gorgeous together and are unquestionably a great couple. Soon, this pair plans to get engaged, and everything is being prepared for this significant event. Iqra explained all the reasons for her decision to wait until after the Baat Pakki ceremony to unveil her fiancé’s face.

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