Jazz Call Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Jazz Call Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

With several additional offerings, Jazz has grown to be Pakistan\’s largest telecom network. Read the article below to learn more about the Jazz Call Packages 2023,new packages of jazz,  jazz package for call their prices, and the free MBs.

Jazz Call Packages

Hourly Call Packages

Jazz currently has affordable hourly packages available. Take advantage of the free 60-minute and 2-hour call packages with Facebook internet access.

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Jazz Ghanta offer

This jazz 2-hour call bundle gives its consumers 2 hours for non-stop chitchat with their families or friends. You may take advantage of the offer for just Rs 3.59 plus tax by dialing *555#.

Jazz Student Bundle

Students can now take advantage of this super jazz 2-hour call plan for endless conversations with pals about any subject. This fantastic deal also includes free minutes for two hours and free internet for Facebook.

Dial *3000# to receive the offer for only Rs 3.6 plus tax. Today, you can use Facebook for free at any time, except the evening hours of 6 to 9 pm, for 120 minutes. Dial *320*4# to unsubscribe from the offer. Dial *320*2# to check the number of minutes left or any other information.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Get fantastic Jazz daily call bundles with free minutes and SMS at drastically reduced rates. Below are the daily packages.

Jazz super plus offer

500 On-Net minutes and 5 Off-Net minutes are included in this offer for the entire day. Additionally, subscribers receive 500 free SMS and 500 MB of internet space each month to stream videos and browse social media daily. Purchase this super plus offer for one day at Rs. 31, tax included. To take advantage of the deal, dial *558#.

Daily Day Bundle

300 jazz minutes, 20 MB of data, and 300 SMS are included in this 24-hour jazz call plan. Dial *340# to obtain the package for only Rs. 15.

Jazz Sim Lagao Offer

Customers who purchase the jazz sim lagao offer receive 3000 free minutes over 60 days. You can only use 50 minutes in a day, though. Enjoy complimentary 3000 SMS and 6 GB of internet, with 3 GB for only WhatsApp. To receive the offer, you would need to purchase a new SIM card or activate an existing one that has not been used in several days. Enjoy this mega package offer by dialing *551#.

Punjab Daily Bundle

Punjab residents can subscribe to this daily call plan for just Rs 12 inclusive of tax by dialing *6000#. The package includes 1000 free SMS, 250 MB of internet, and unlimited free jazz minutes for 24 hours.

Karachi Daily Offer

The Karachi daily package allows Karachi residents unlimited on-net minutes, 250 MBs, and 1500 SMS. Dial *400# to take advantage of the offer for just Rs 13, tax included.

Sindh Daily Offer

This daily deal is available to Sindh residents for just Rs. 12 (tax included). Enjoy a day of unlimited jazz calls, 250 MB of internet, and 1500 SMS. Simply dial *522# to access this fantastic call deal.

KP Daily Offer

The KP daily package includes unlimited jazz minutes, 1500 SMS, and 250 Mb internet usage for the entire day. For just Rs 13 inclusive of tax, dial *291#.

Jazz 3 Day Max offer

Take advantage of the Jazz 3 days to call deal immediately if you want 3 days of free minutes and internet. Get 100 free minutes to call your friends and family for three days by dialing *631#. For three days, you will have access to 1 GB of internet, allowing you to browse social media at your leisure or view your preferred YouTube content. It simply costs Rs. 40, tax included.

Jazz weekly bundles

The jazz weekly call bundles and their rates and codes are listed below. Take advantage of the hourly deals below to get free minutes, MBs, and SMS bundles.

Jazz weekly hybrid bundle

The jazz weekly hybrid bundle offers its users 1000 free on-net minutes and 30 minutes of free time (Off-net). In addition to the free minutes, consumers can use 1 GB of the internet to send and receive 1000 SMS and stay in touch with their loved ones on social media.

Dial *407# for just Rs 140 inclusive of tax for 7 days to take advantage of the promotion. Dial *407*4# to unsubscribe from the offer. Dial *407*3# to verify the amount of data, minutes, or other available information.

Jazz weekly social plus

Jazz Weekly Social Plus offers its clients a range of services. Take advantage of 8 GB of data for Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, IMO, and BiP. Get 25 free minutes for other networks and 500 jazz minutes per week. You can utilize messaging service as well with 500 SMS.

Dial *668# to take advantage of the offer for just Rs 160 (tax included).

Jazz weekly premium

50 minutes across all networks are included in the weekly jazz premium and 4 GB of bandwidth for 7 days. Calling *117*47# will get you this fantastic deal for just Rs 185 (tax included).

Jazz weekly all network offer

This fantastic offer lets customers get 3 GB of data and 1000 jazz minutes for 7 days. There are additional 60 minutes for other networks. Enjoy sending texts with the 1000 SMS that are included. To receive the discount for just Rs 191 (tax included), dial *700#. Dial *700*2# to check the status of your package. Dial *700*4# to cancel your subscription to the package.

Super Duper weekly offer

To take advantage of this Super Duper package, which includes 1500 free on-net minutes and 60 free off-net minutes, dial *770#. Enjoy 1500 SMS as well as 6 GB of internet. Enjoy 3GB of internet every day from 2 am to 2 pm at midnight. Dial *770*2# to check the status. The price of the offer, including tax, is Rs 239.

Jazz Lajawab Haftawar offer

To take advantage of this fantastic weekly call deal, which includes 2500 minutes for Jazz and 25 minutes for other networks, dial *565#. With 2.5 GB of data and 2500 SMS, you may use social media and stream videos without restriction. The price of the offer is just Rs 75, tax included.

Jazz weekly super plus

For only Rs 282 inclusive of tax, the Jazz Super Plus bundle offers 5000 free on-net minutes and 80 free off-net minutes. For this promotion, simply dial *505#. Dial *505*2# to check the status. Additionally, the bundle includes 5000 SMS and 12 GB of internet, which is sufficient for a week\’s worth of live streaming or favorite YouTube series.

Jazz work from the home bundle

Those who must work from home should take advantage of this opportunity. For just Rs 115 (tax included), you may access 12 GB of bandwidth and limitless free calls from 8 am to 6 pm every weekday by dialing *117*14#.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

The monthly call specials and the off-net call minutes included in the bundles are listed below. Take advantage of your best offer right away.

Monthly hybrid bundle

For 4 GB of data, 10,000 jazz minutes with unlimited on-net minutes only on Sundays, 100 minutes for other networks, and 2500 SMS, dial *430#. All of these items are available for Rs 575. Dial *430*2# to check the status.

Monthly super duper card

To get 2000 Minutes, 150 Off-net, 2GB Internet, and 2000 SMS for Rs 724 inclusive of tax, dial *601*2#.

Jazz Super-Duper Plus Card

By dialing *707#, you may get 5000 Free On-Net Minutes, 300 Free Off-Net Minutes, 17 GB of the Internet, and 5000 SMS for just Rs 870 (tax included).


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