Kinza Hashmi reacts to marriage rumours with Shadab Khan: ‘What are you saying?’

Kinza Hashmi reacts to marriage rumours with Shadab Khan ‘What are you saying’

A well-known name in Pakistani Urdu television is Kinza Hashmi. In 2014, this attractive woman made her acting debut in the drama series Adhura Milan. Kinza is most well-known for her depiction of Rushna, a negative character, in the drama series Ishq Tamasha. This talented actress also received the Hum Award for Best Female Negative Actress.

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Cricketer Shadab Khan has represented Pakistan in numerous games on the national and international levels. In the T-20 series, Shadab Khan also serves as Pakistan\’s second captain. The most productive bowlers in Pakistan include this incredibly gifted all-arounder from Pakistan. Shadab Khan participates in the Pakistan Super League as well (PSL). Shadab Khan is one of the Pakistani cricketers with a contract with the Central Cricket Board of Pakistan for 2018.


Ahsan Khan recently interviewed Kinza Hashmi for Time Out with Ahsan Khan. During the question-and-answer portion of the interview, Ahsan Khan informed Kinza Hashmi that Shadab Khan only follows one famous actress on Instagram, and that woman is you. Do you have anything to say about this? Kinza initially appeared stunned by this before responding, Acha. I was unaware of this! Kinza responded, \”No, I didn\’t really know if he truly followed me,\” because I\’m not following Shadab Khan, to the jeering of the other guest actor Sami Khan. But if he is, I appreciate him for doing so. He must have seen me and thought well of my work. Shadab Khan unfollowed Kinza the day after this interview aired.

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While some people think Kinza is a cutie that she was unaware of, the crowd seemed split on the issue. However, the opposing side views Kinza\’s pretence of being a cute girl and her portrayal of ignorance on this matter as a falsehood. Listen to Kinza Hashmi\’s interview with cricketer Shadab Khan by clicking the link below.



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