Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling: A Complete Nurse Career Guide

Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling A Complete Nurse Career Guide
Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling A Complete Nurse Career Guide

Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling: A Complete Nurse Career Guide

The labor of a mother and the delivery of a baby is a very common practice. Every woman who is going to be a mother faces a unique situation according to her body and health. So the health workers also face different situations and troubles to bring a baby into the world. Working under all these conditions, nurses of labor and delivery are trained to stay calm and superconscious. It is their daily routine to work with ladies of different health conditions and age. A medical team including a gynaecologist, midwives, labour and delivery nurse, and other physicians work together during childbirth.

How to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse?

Nurses who have an interest in parental care and gynecology should enroll in the labor and delivery nurse program. It is a very complicated job and needs a responsible person. The degree of labor and delivery nurse is different from midwife and doula. Like all other nurse practitioners, labor nurses also need the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This degree is very beneficial to start a professional nursing career. BSN can take four years to complete. After the successful completion of the BSN program, the nurses need to register themselves for better job opportunities. A license is needed for registration.

Nurses only need to submit an enrollment application. Nurses can get a license after passing the test. They need to study injuries, infection, pandemics, medicine, administration, and care management systems to pass the test. They also need one year of experience to enroll in the labor and delivery nursing program. Nurses usually need to work as a postpartum nurse. Postpartum nurses are the health workers who take care of the mother and the newborn baby. The postpartum nurse must support both physically and emotionally. This support helps the mother to recover from the after delivery trauma.

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Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling: Certificates

Labor and delivery nurses also need other certificates to work as a professional. They need a Basic Life Support certificate and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The National Certification Corporation (NCC) offered these certificates for labor and delivery nurses. These certificates cover all the areas of medication included in labor and delivery. These certificates include caesarian practice, anesthesia, and pharmacology. Most of the hospitals need the certificate of Inpatient Obstetric Nursing. Registered nurses need to have experience of 2 years to take the exam of Inpatient Obstetric Nursing.

Characteristics of labor and delivery nurse

Nurses are well trained and educated to handle all critical situations. It is the responsibility of nurses to control all the difficulties and find a possible solution. Nurses needed to stay calm and supportive during the whole situation. To provide support and care to both mother and infants, nurses need to show empathy. Nurses must also show positive and kind behavior to the patient’s family. They must know about common diseases or infections that can attack the baby and mother. Nurses must know the symptoms and possible treatments to control and cure the disease. L and D nurses must show natural love for babies.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Schooling: Roles and Responsibilities

Nurses perform their duties with other health workers in the labor room under the instructions of a gynecologist and other doctors. They make sure the mother and child are safe. Labor nurses provide special maternal care. They make diet and medication plans and facilitate patients with all possible sources. Nurses monitor the condition of the mother from time to time and discuss the recovery progress with doctors.

They fulfill a patient’s emotional, physical, and social needs. They educate the mother to manage the pain and recover quickly for her child. Moreover, they prepare them according to the environment. They provide nursing care to both teenage mothers and the elder age. During working as a postpartum nurse they educate the mother about baby care in her whole period of pregnancy.

Nurse midwife salary and job opportunities

The average annual earnings of labor and delivery nurses are about $55,426. The range can be changed from $46,225 to $86,709. Range of earning also depends upon location, years of experience, certificates, and value of the hospital in a state. Nurses that have modern skills of health and care and experience, they can make more money.

California, Hawaii, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Oregon are known as high paying states. They can get a job easily in gynecological centers, private medical agencies, private clinics, and in labor rooms and birthing centers that are continuously opening. In the next few years, many nurses are going to meet their retirement age, so the demands of nurses will remain high every year.

Importance of labor and delivery nurse

Labor and delivery nurses have a very specific job, so it is different from other practices. They help the mother to deliver a healthy baby. Labor and delivery nurses deal with few mothers in a day. They have to check the recovery process and other positive signs of development. They care for and treat the mother during her whole stay. Labor and delivery care are more complicated among all other nurse practices.

Because it is the process of bringing a new life in the world. If the mother is giving birth by the caesarian section and has some health issues then it is very risky to operate the patient. Nurses are conscious of the vital signs during operation. They have to continuously check blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat rate, and breathing rate. If one of these vital things goes wrong then they have to do a quick treatment like oxygenation and ventilation.   


Delivering a new life in the world is a very special moment for the mother. Pregnancy, labour, and the birth of infants is critical duration for a woman. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to the mother. It changes the mother both internally and externally. A newly born baby changes the lifestyle. If the mother shares her condition with the nurses or other members of the medical staff, then it will help the doctors to make a plan according to her situation.


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