Man Receives An E-Ticket Fine On His Motorcycle Stolen 8 Years Ago

Man Receives An E-Ticket Fine On His Motorcycle Stolen 8 Years Ago

According to media sources, a guy from Lahore was fine for his stolen motorcycle, which was stolen eight years ago. Imran was take aback when he received an electronic challan, often known as an E-Ticket Fine , for a traffic violation involving his stolen bike.

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Imran discovered that police authorities were utilising his long-lost bike in the Sabzarar neighbourhood after looking into the challan data and other sources of information.
He filed a complaint with the Chief Civilian Personnel Officer due to the unexpected revelation (CCPO). He requested that the cops who used his bike return it to him.

Imran also made a video and shared it on social media and through a media outlet to raise awareness and draw attention to the incident.

Crime on the Streets is Getting Out of Hand

According to a report released in March. The scourge of street crime in the provincial capital has got out of hand. During the last two days of February, police records show more than 300 occurrences of robbery and theft. The month of March began with approximately 350 incidents across the city.

In the first two months of 2021, some people have lost millions of rupees in cash, gold jewellery, automobiles, and motorcycles. In 209 robberies, goods worth more than Rs. 10 million were stolen, and 59 motorbike theft instances were report.

Victims of street crime look on the government and appropriate law enforcement agencies to keep the city safe and orderly. Only time will tell what precautions these authorities take to protect people and their property.


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