Woman smuggled fatal meth dose to inmate boyfriend in a kiss

Woman smuggled fatal meth dose to inmate boyfriend in a kiss

A prisoner who overdosed after obtaining meth from a Tennessee lady during a visit to the jail has been charged with murder.
The Daily Beast reports that Rachel Dollard has been charge with second-degree murder and bringing contraband into a prison facility after allegedly bringing the drugs into the Turney Center Industrial Complex. She is reportedly being held at the Hickman County jail, according to TDOC. The accusations were make after Joshua Brown passed away. However, He was amid an 11-year term for narcotics offenses, and it was set to end in 2029. Authorities assert that in February, \”when the two enjoyed a kiss during visitation at the Turney Center Industrial Complex,\” Ms. Dollard gave Brown the pills.

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According to accounts, Ms. Dollard was found to be chewing a half-ounce of methamphetamine. Although,  According to The Daily Beast, Brown ingested. The balloon pellet containing the meth and passed away at a local hospital.

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