Famous YouTuber MrBeast Gives A Brand New Car As ‘Tip’ To Waitress

MrBeast Gives A Brand New Car As Tip To Waitress
MrBeast Gives A Brand New Car As Tip To Waitress

MrBeast Gives A Brand New Car As Tip To Waitress: YouTuber MrBeast is receiving feedback for his most recent Instagram post that went viral. He claimed to have given a brand-new automobile to a server at a restaurant draped in logos promoting his business endeavors.

The most popular YouTuber in the world is MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and has 139 million subscribers.

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In the 42-second video posted on Monday, he asked a server named Amy what the biggest tip she had ever gotten was, and she replied that it was $50.

“Has a car ever been tipped?” Donaldson re-asked as he gave her the keys to a black Toyota car.

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Before introducing her to the brand-new car he would gift her, Mr. Beast then questioned her. The exterior of the automobile bears the Feastables logo of his chocolate business.
Almost 11 million people watched this video, garnering over a million likes and 8000 comments.

After watching the movie, many were amazed by MrBeast, and grateful people submitted comments praising his work.

I enjoy watching Mr. Beast’s films because he consistently develops innovative methods to support the local community. Keep up the fantastic effort, one user said.


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