Pakistani Mangoes Set To Arrive This Month In UAE


Pakistani mangoes are expect to arrive in the UAE later this month, which will delight mango enthusiasts. Beginning on May 20, the sweet mangoes will travel to other nations and grace retailers’ shelves in the UAE.

The managing director of Altaf Hussain Trading Co., Mustafa Altaf, expressed his excitement and said

This year’s crop has been excellent across the nation; as a result, supply will likewise be strong, and pricing will be more reasonable.

Due to their widespread appeal, Pakistani mangoes are now a key source of export revenue for the nation’s agricultural industry. It gives its exchequer millions of cash. Only the UAE receives almost a dozen different mango kinds. Several of these include Chaunsa, Langra, Sindhri, Anwar Ratool, Dusehri, Saroli, Almas, and Fajri.

Pakistani Mangoes All Set to Hit Japanese Market

The Sindhri, Almas, and Dusehri kinds from the Sindh province will be include in the first shipment of mangoes to reach the UAE. Pakistan is one of the biggest exporters of mangoes worldwide. It maintains its status with Thailand, Indonesia, China, and India. In addition to the UAE, key markets for Pakistani mango exports include Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

Prices in the UAE are anticipat to be lower than last year due to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the Emirati dirham.

Mustafa Altaf said:

The additional benefit is that the rupee has dropped drastically against the UAE dirham in the past year, and this also makes imports from Pakistan cheaper.

Regarding volume, the Middle East is crucial as a destination for Pakistani mango exports.

Prepare yourself to savor the seductive sweetness of Pakistani mangoes. Take advantage of the chance to indulge in these exotic treats that have won over mango enthusiasts worldwide.


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