List of Pakistani Movies Releasing on Eid ul Fitr 2023: Pakistani Cinemas at Its Best

List of Pakistani Movies Releasing on Eid ul Fitr 2023 Pakistani Cinemas at Its Best
List of Pakistani Movies Releasing on Eid ul Fitr 2023 Pakistani Cinemas at Its Best

Pakistani Movies Releasing on Eid ul Fitr 2023: Since then, Pakistani cinema has evolved, and if we consider current releases, it is fair to claim that we have made progress. The films that Lollywood produces and directs appear to amuse viewers all over the world.

Pakistani artists are making every effort to rival other well-known actors and filmmakers. Since then, cinema has developed.

Lollywood films have recently gained popularity abroad. The actors receive praise from all over the world. As it’s Eid, there will be a lot of new releases in theatres, allowing you to celebrate Eid while being treated to storylines with fresh twists.

Top Pakistani Movies Releasing on 2023 Eid ul Fitr

The top movies you can watch with your friends and family this Eid are listed below. Eid dullness can be banished with the help of these fantastic new releases.

  1. Dadaal
  2. Money Back Guarantee
  3. Huey Tum Ajnabee
  4. Dorr
  5. Lahore Qalandar


Director of Dadaal: Abu Aleeha

Producer of Dadaal: Laaj Productions

Cast of Dadaal: Sonya Hussyn, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Shamoon Abbasi, Maira Khan.

Dadaal, the most recent film in Abu Aleeha’s extensive filmography, is one of the most eagerly awaited films this Eid. The fight between gangs and the police is the film’s central theme. If the movie Abu Aleeha’s box office performance is any indication, this one may be a smash.

You will see Sonya Hussyn in an entirely new light—as a fierce woman who can stand up for herself without needing anybody else. The film’s overall atmosphere is tension, excitement, and action. Unfortunately, it appears that the language is a little harsh. Let’s wait and watch how the audience responds to this publication.

Money Back Guarantee

Director of Money Back Guarantee: Faisal Qureshi

Producer of Money Back Guarantee: Shayan Khan, Syed Falak, Zain Farooqi

Cast of Money Back Guarantee: Fawad Khan, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shayan Khan, Ayesha Omar, Jawed Sheikh, Jan Rambo, Gohar Rasheed, Hina Dilpazir, Mani, Kiran Malik, Ali Safina, Marhoom Ahmad Bilal, Adnan Jaffer, Shafaat Ali, and Aqdas Waseem.

Want to make this Eid more cheerful? The ideal movie to watch with your friends is MGB. The movie is based on a heist adventure, so fans of Money Heist will undoubtedly appreciate it. We can see from the trailer that the film will probably gross around 50 crores.

We can confidently tell that seeing this film will make you laugh and take you through various emotions. In addition, Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan will astound you with his performance and demeanor.

Huey Tum Ajnabee

Director of Huey Tum Ajnabee: Kamran Shahid

Producer of Huey Tum Ajnabee: Shayan Khan, Syed Falak, Zain Farooqi

Cast of Huey Tum Ajnabee: Shafqat Cheema, Sadia Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Omar, Alyy Khan and Sohail Ahmed, Samina Peerzada, Adnan Jilani, Mehmood Aslam.

The film is highly intriguing because it is based on events that occurred in the years leading up to the 1971 Pakistan Civil War; it is not one of those typical love stories. Bangladesh was established as a result of the war. The plot centers on a couple who has split apart during the war and is attempting to reunite, despite all the challenges. The film appears promising and has a good possibility of scoring a major box office hit.


Director of Dor: Nadeem Cheema

Producer of Dor: Aslam Hassan

Cast of Dor: Asad Mahmood, Shafqat Cheema, Saleem Meraj, Aslam Hassan, Waseem Ali, Rashid Mahmood, Sardar Kamal, Azhar Rangeela, Ch Shahbaz, Arooj Chaudhry, Hafsa Rajput, Sidra Noor, Kamran Mujahid, Imran Ahmed, Ameer Ali, Ali Khan, Faiz Chuhan, Achi Khan  

A heartfelt love story with excellent directing, acting, and writing. In this suspenseful romantic drama, a man tries to protect his loved one from the film’s enemies. In addition to action scenes, gun fights, and brutal moments, the film features several beautiful ballads.

According to the trailer, the film draws a big audience because of its superb cinematography, acting, and plot. Let’s wait and see how the Eid Ul Fitr crowd will respond to this film.

Lahore Qalandar

Director of Lahore Qalandar: Shahid Rana

Producer of Lahore Qalandar: Altamash Butt, Majid Butt

A cast of Lahore Qalandar: Saima Noor, Banto Butt, Mehreen Shah, Happy Singh, Honey Baloch, Shafqat Cheema, Shahreiyar Cheema, Zafar Irshad, Irfan Khost.

A single-screen Punjabi film called Lahore Qalandar is about to be released. The expensive film will stick to the typical Punjabi-style plot. The film is very exciting and action-packed. The Lahore Qalandar cast and producers are dedicated to the film’s success, and they assert that it will capture viewers’ hearts this Eid.

Hollywood Movies Releasing in Pakistan on Eid ul Fitr 2023

In addition to all of these fantastic Pakistani films, a few Hollywood productions will keep you amused on Eid.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4
  • Evil Dead Rise 
  • The Creeping

Grab Your Popcorns And Stay Glued To Your Seats!

Get your tickets and snacks as soon as possible, and get ready to enjoy all of these 2023 Eid ul Fitr movie releases from Pakistan. Tell us which movie you intend to see on the first day of the first performance in the comments section below.


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