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8 Of The hilarious Lies, Pakistanis Are Saying They’ll Tell Their Kids

8 Of The hilarious Lies, Pakistanis Are Saying They’ll Tell Their Kids 

Internet is fun. Sure, lots of people have a lot of ideas about how the internet is ruining everything, but it’s got so much more to love. The youths are sharing funny tweets on twitter what make us feel there’s hope for the future of the world and its sanity, too. It’s these same younglings who’ve come up with a funniest new meme trend that’s been taking over the world. It’s about things people will tell their kids. The “I’m Gonna Tell My Kids” meme is just the latest viral Internet moment taking over social media.

Actors look Like

This is the most funny tweets on twitter about Pakistani actors. A good-lie! This man is equally handsome.

Maybe you’re someone who would tell their kids about the time Pitbull said he would perform at the PSL opening ceremony in 2019. This is the funniest tweets on twitter.

Lie they will tell their kids Pakistani Shahrukh

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Politician Look Like

This is most hilarious and funny tweets on twitter for Pakistan Federal Minister of Science and Technology. But the most iconic personality that people said they’d tell their children about this man.

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Funny tweets on twitter about biggest dreamy Baz in our country That I will tell my kids

This is hilarious lie on Altaf Husain. Chief Of the Year Look like

Cricketer Look Like

Oh, snap! This is a genius. They might start calling this couch by that name, but brownie points on the creativity. This is funny tweets on twitter for I ‘will tell my kids.

Inzi behen playing the field! Imagine the kids embarrassing themselves and finding out the truth, later on. *Evil* They will tell my kids.

It’s funny tweets on twitter. Every country is coming up with its twist on it. However, Pakistanis are known to be cheetas of such art, and the memes they have come up with are sure to give anyone a good laugh. Of course, its not everyone’s cup of tea, and you will find occasional tweets and messages of being fed up with this trend.

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