To Be a Woman in Pakistan, Story Abuse, Shame, Society pressure, and Survival

To Be a Woman in Pakistan, Story Abuse, Shame, Society pressure, and Survival

According to the research, Pakistan is considered the 3rd most dangerous country for women in the world. In Pakistan, more than 1,000 women murdered in the name of  \”honour killings\” every year, and reported that 90% of women in Pakistan suffer from domestic violence.

Is It Safe For Women To Travel In Pakistan?

As one of the few women who were doing the job in Pakistan and both solo and with men—Women\’s average years of schooling in Pakistan stands at five years, while only 33%  of woman in Pakistan has found to use cellphones at all. Only 24% of women are employ, while their share of seats in parliament stands at only 20pc. The security situation is significantly worse for women. She can\’t travel safely. She faces harassment at public and private transport. now the situation is getting worse she is not safe with their husband and brother that saw in the Lahore motorway incident.

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The Reason Why Pakistan Is Not Safe For Women 

Pakistan has a strong army, ranked 15 of 138 out of the countries considered the strongest army. Also, have police department to maintain law and oder situation in the country. Woman in Pakistan is not safe. But sadly still Pakistan is a dangerous place for women. The main reason is the men\’s dominant society different laws form for the protection of women but no botheration on the application of the law. Women as a mother are consider as a primary institution for a child where she fails to teach their child about the respect of the women she gave a lesson that respects your mother\’s sister and wife who teach about women’s respect? On the other hand, they have a live example of their father who respects their sister and daughter only.  

Being born in Pakistan is not a real issue. But, born as a girl. Society does have issues.

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These are the things everyone noticed in middle-class families.

  • If you are with a guy, holding his hand while crossing the road. The guy is considering my boyfriend even when he’s my brother.
  • Wearing jeans is considered “men wear”. If you’re wearing it, you’re considered “modern”.
  • If you’re 28–30 years old. You’re too old for marriage unless you’re a doctor. Girls are rejected because of their age.
  • 16–20 is the ideal age for marriage in our “society” where the women of our society pressurize the girl’s parents for marriage once the girl is married, the same women will continue to pressure on getting pregnant.
  • The hypocrisy of our women. They’re the enemy of their kind. The women in our society don’t let others live and create problems once it’s not done their way. They do it by manipulating, creating problems in their son’s lives, bragging about the sacrifices to get things done.
  • Jobs will not be given according to your skills or expertise but, rather on your looks. If you’re pretty, you’re hired, You’re promoted, etc.
  • Relationship. You can’t have a boyfriend or any sort of friend. This is prohibiting for girls but, allowed for boys.
  • You can only travel once you’re married. You can do a job only when you’re married, etc. Girls are simply not allow to enjoy freedom. The freedom is only bestowed upon the men of the house.
  • If you have problems in your marriage, your husband mistreats you and not giving you rights, and, cheats on you. You have to tolerate all of that because you are a girl \”the homemakers\”. Mostly, parents force their daughter to be tolerant of their husband\’s attitude. Being divorcee is a family shame but, mentally damaging a person is not.
  • The best education is for the men as they’re the bread earner of the family while the girl’s dowry is worth the investment than her education.
  • Wearing decent clothes or abaya will not stop men’s stare. The pressure of society on women’s clothes is an excuse for the action of their wrong upbringing.
  • Smoking a cigarette. Even if you’re damaging your lungs, our society will be worried about your wellbeing. The judgemental stares, immediately declare you characterless, etc.
  • Cooking, cleaning, and sewing are important skills people look in a girl’s resume for marriage.
  • Driving a car. Women hold a reputation as a bad driver. Every woman is judge the same. It will consider your fault if a guy hits your car.


The real issue is the society and the parents who look up to that society and pressurize their girls. I do not talk about equality, as I believe that women are capable of a lot of things. Standing equally won’t resolve anything. Women mostly create society. And, our women’s mentality is the one that needs to be addressed. Men want to protect their daughters. But, what about the protection of other daughters from their son?! Raising a child equally is important as the difference will be eliminated. If one respects the women of the house, will respect the women outside the house.

Freehand given to men by the women, and restrict their daughters is the cause why men harass, and their act goes unnoticed because women don’t empower women. The empowerment starts with mother and daughter. And, then the chain will continue. Woman in Pakistan are save if everyone give respect to other women.

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