8 Panadol Alternative Medicines You Can Buy in Pakistan

8 Panadol Alternative Medicines You Can Buy in Pakistan

The over-the-counter (OTC) medication paracetamol is widely used and in high demand due to the increase in dengue and coronavirus cases and waterborne illnesses brought on by the monsoon floods, is currently in very short supply in Pakistan. Here are some Panadol Alternative Medicines.

As a result, there is a national Panadol scarcity, and people are searching for alternatives as it is getting harder to find the medication.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a major pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, produces paracetamol under the trade name \”Panadol.\”
Due to its sudden shortage, people are frantically looking for substitute brands that manufacture the same medicine under other names.

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The list of substitute medications made in Pakistan by different regional brands is provided below.


Brand Name Manufacturer Dosage (mg) Retail Price
Askprol Askari Pharmaceuticals 500 Rs. 100
Calpol (200 pack) GSK 500 Rs. 312
Disprol Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Pakistan 500 Rs. 180
Doliprane Sanofi Aventis 500 Rs. 100
Paracetamol Ferozsons Laboratories 500 Rs. 129
Pracmol Glitz Pharma 500 Rs. 460
Vamol Valor Pharmaceuticals 500 Rs. 100
Boschtamol Bosch Pharmaceuticals 500 Rs. 70

Here is the list of Panadol Alternative Medicines pediatric dosage in Pakistan.

Brand Name Manufacturer Dosage (mg) Retail Price
Calpol Pediatric (90 ml) GSK 120mg/5ml Rs. 46
Askprol Askari Pharma 120mg/5ml Rs. 15
Paracetamol (450ml) Ferozsons Pharma 120mg/5ml Rs. 56
Pracmol (60 ml) Glitz Pharma 120mg/5ml Rs. 25

Experts believe that Panadol\’s excessive demand, which has hindered production, is the main cause of the current scarcity.

According to journalist Ali Khizar, GSK produces more than 450 million Panadol tablets each month. The corporation has reduced output to a minimum since its manufacturing costs are higher than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) established by the government, leading to its scarcity.


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