The Price Of This ‘Imran Khan Kurta’ Has Got Everyone Talking

The Price Of This ‘Imran Khan Kurta’ Has Got Everyone Talking
The Price Of This ‘Imran Khan Kurta’ Has Got Everyone Talking

Karma is a Pakistani fashion label that has built a name for itself in the bridal and pre-wedding worlds. However, the firm is now well-known for a rather unusual kurta with a politician\’s face on it that they offer. We\’ll tell you who the politician is, and you\’ll have to guess the price— let\’s see who is surprised!

The Karma Imran Khan Kurta

Given the ongoing political upheaval surrounding Khan, Karma has released a limited-edition Imran Khan kurta. Khan was recently dubbed the first Pakistani Prime Minister to be impeached. As a result, millions of people in Pakistan and other nations came to the streets to condemn this trend.

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Karma is taking advantage of Khan\’s current enthusiasm and passion by allowing fans to wear eastern attire with his face on it. I mean, what better way to show your support?

The Price That’s Making People Lose Their Mind

On the other hand, the price is appropriate for a PMLN fan! Aside from the jokes, the price of the kurta is outrageous and beyond our comprehension. The kurta worn by Imran Khan is being offered for Rs.20,000. And that\’s only for the kurta! If you want white pants with green and black accents, you\’ll have to pay Rs.10,000.

If you don\’t mind the expense, these are the available colors: red, green, and white. There are sizes ranging from XS to XL available. Custom sizes are also available! If the kurta fit isn\’t your style, the loose fabric is available for Rs.3000 per meter. The kurtas are also gender-neutral!

Is This Justified?

We\’ve seen firms create apparel based on celebrities or politicians in the past. They\’re supposed to be inexpensive and entertaining because you only wear them once. On the other hand, Karma is on another wavelength, charging an arm and a leg for a plain kurta.

Of course, no one is pressuring us to buy it. However, something should be said about how fashion designers charge such exorbitant prices for basic and minimalist apparel. This is straightforward exploitation.

What are your thoughts on companies charging a lot of money for a single shirt?

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