PTI Merchandise Launched On Insaaf Store

PTI Merchandise Launched On Insaaf Store
PTI Merchandise Launched On Insaaf Store

In the twenty-first century, if your face hasn\’t appeared on a shirt, have you succeeded? The Insaaf Store has something for everyone, and the PTI just released their Imran Khan-inspired merchandise.  Check their letus PTI Merchandise Launched On Insaaf Store product

The political party tweeted the information on Monday. According to the statement, \”We are happy to introduce PTI Products Marketplace where we will feature third party vendors selling PTI branded merchandise including as T-shirts, kurtas, flags, bottles, mugs, caps, mufflers, etc.

The best way to communicate is without words—like a silent, accurate arrow. Hear us out when we say that PTI apparel is ideal for both Insafians and non-Insafians.

Here’s some of our top picks from the store.

A T-shirt you can wear to work

Is your manager requesting unpaid overtime from you? Time to take this T-shirt out.

A mug we’d love to raise

Here’s a mug you can raise when you’re chilling with your sibling and they ask you for a glass of water.

PtI Merchandise kurta


Muffler for to soften



Key Chain


The Price Of This ‘Imran Khan Kurta’ Has Got Everyone Talking 


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