PUBG Mobile is Getting a New Map and Game Mode


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A significant update for PUBG Mobile is soon to be release, adding new features, a game mode, and a fresh map. The current and incredibly well-liked Erangel map will also receive graphic updates and revised places due to the upcoming upgrade. Soon PUBG Mobile New Map and Game Mode

Nusa, a new map for PUBG Mobile\’s update 2.2, is a tropical paradise island akin to Call of Duty: Warzone\’s Caldera map released a few months ago. It can be seen in the photograph below.


PUBG Mobile New Map and Game Mode

Super Recall, a brand-new mechanic, enables you to rejoin the battle if you still have a friend alive after you pass away. In a manner akin to the Plunder mode in Call of Duty, solo players will revive automatically.

There are elevators in every hotel in Telepak Town, and the new map will also include zip lines to make it easier to get between destinations fast. It can be utilize to conserve energy and flank adversaries. A new two-seater car called the Quad and two new weapons dubbed the NS2000 Shotgun, and Tactical Crossbow are also available.

The shotgun uses 12 gauge slugs when firing through the sight and 12 gauge rounds from the hip. The Tactical Crossbow can be use to ignite structures with burning bolts and repair zip lines with ropes.

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You will be give a choice of 8 skills when you spawn in the new game mode, Gear Front. For a better battle experience, the current Erangel map will have a new weather cycle, bike sheds, and structural upgrades to various sections.

As usual, there will also be a fresh selection of cosmetics, although there aren\’t any specifics. The upgrade is already starting to spread across the world, and Pakistan should soon have access to it. This Map soon available for PUBG players in pakistan.


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